Around the World in 5 Days at the Feria de los Pueblos!

7 May 2015 0 Comments Category: Ali Meehan, Living in Spain

Last weekend I travelled the world in 5 days!  Tasting meats in Argentina, listening to Celtic rock in Norway, ‘The Beatles” in Britain, drinking Fosters and listened to ‘AC/DC’ in Australia, Guinness and “Dad Rock” in Ireland,  the samba in Brasil and Jenkka in Finland … welcome to Fuengirola’s 21st International Feria de los Pueblos.  Held annually around 1st May, our town celebrates the vibrancy of its foreign community by handing over the town’s casetas (individual club houses) in the Recinto Ferial Ground for a very international party.

This year 27 countries and 6 of Spanish autonomous regions – Andalucia, Galicia, Madrid, Pais Vasco, Asturias and Valencia shared their wares.  Food, wines, beers, costumes, artisan gifts and traditional music meshed to create a wonderful party atmosphere from 1 pm through to 4 am.  We also celebrated local produce with the first Sabor a Málaga dedicated area represented by 20 local producers.

Fuengirola International Feria de los Pueblos

Fuengirola International Feria de los Pueblos

Over 1 million people traditionally come through the gates to experience what for many may be very foreign tastes.

Fuengirola has a very multicultural feel all year round.  Fuengirola has 26,073 foreigners in a total population of approximately 75,856*.  Different cultures bring their own stories, customs and lifestyle with them to Spain.  Many immerse themselves into the Spanish way of life, whilst retaining their own individuality.  In my experience, the Spanish are wholly welcoming of this invasion and enjoy events, like the International Feria, as an opportunity for the different countries represented locally to share their own cultures and communities with their neighbours.

International Feria de los Pueblos, Fuengirola

International Feria de los Pueblos, Fuengirola

Our community ebbs and flows throughout the year with many Europeans leaving to go back to their own countries for most of the summer (known locally as snowbirds).  During the winter, Fuengirola is very much the winter sun home for many, but during the summer, we become a very Spanish town with people from Madrid, Cordoba and Jaen having holiday homes here.

In our own casa, the Feria de Los Pueblos heralds the start of the summer, the International Feria at the beginning with the Town’s Feria 6-12 October at the end.  And what a great way to start with a very

Typical Non Spanish celebration!

*data as at 2014 from INE

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