My Top 10 Favourite Restaurants in Valencia

12 May 2015 1 Comments Category: Fleur Van de Put, Living in Spain

restaurants in Valencia

This authentic restaurant Casa Montaña is a bodega in the old maritime quarter ‘El Cabañal’. From the bar area you can enter the restaurant by passing under the bar. The wines are very good and directly from the wooden barrel. Locals come by with an empty 5-liter bottle of water to fill it with the delicious wine. High-class tapas are served here.

restaurants in ValenciaThe Bodeguilla Del Gato is well known by locals for their good tapas and fair prices. Although it’s well hidden in a small street behind a little square called Negrito, it’s easily found by tourists. They won’t be disappointed, as the quality is always good and the waiters are very friendly and professional.

Valencia has many good Italian restaurants. One of them is Lambrusquería. The food is pure and simple, but very tasty. The concept is easy. You order a surprise menu. They will bring different dishes to share. The atmosphere is romantic with many candles and dimmed lights.

One of the first tapas bars I discovered in Valencia was this Tasca El Botijo. It is not very fancy, but it became one of my favourites at first sight. The best products are served for friendly prices. This bar is often a meeting point for friends, who have a beer, some tapas and a nice get together.

restaurants in ValenciaYou can wake me up in the middle of the night or during my ‘siesta’ for sushi. Miss Sushi has the best sushi and sashimi in town. The pink restaurant with the flower logo is the scenery for these nice and healthy dishes.

Away from the busy city beach, at the beach of Patacona, is this beautiful lunchroom La Mas Bonita. They serve homemade cakes with many different teas and freshly pressed juices. The views from the terrace are overlooking the sea. I wouldn’t mind to start my day, every day here for the rest of my life.

Another, but very different Italian restaurant, is La Santa Compaña. I love the soft mozzarella and the raw tuna tartar with mango. A small but cosy restaurant situated in the oldest part of Valencia, ‘El Carmen’.

At Sagardi you order a drink and you get this drink accompanied with an empty plate. On the counter you’ll find all different kind of tapas, called pinchos. You keep the sticks that keep the bread and toppings together. At the end you pay the sticks that you gathered.

restaurants in ValenciaMaybe it is because of the owner that I love this place so much. He makes you feel at home and he always has something new created that we should taste at Gastro Tasca L’Entrepa. The food is Typical Spanish and delicious.

Valencia is nothing without paella. The best I ever ate was recently at Casa Carmela. The restaurant is traditionally decorated. The kitchen is big and they cook the paella on ‘fuego de la leña de naranjo’. This means that it is made on a wood fire of branches of the orange tree. It is a very expensive restaurant, but by far the best.

You should at least try one of these restaurants when you visit Valencia. I am sure you will enjoy them. Please leave a comment if you agree or don’t. Buen provecho!

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