Caser Expat Insurance 101

29 May 2015 0 Comments Category: Just Landed

Caser Expat Insurance is the founder and administrator of Typical Non Spanish. Although we spend the majority of our time focused on Spanish culture and practicalities, let’s not forget the great insurance services Caser Expat Insurance offers! Take a brief look at some of the services that are available for Expats who are living in or looking to move to Spain with helpful videos featuring our Typical Non Spanish Team Members!


Health Insurance

There are three types of health insurance policies available with Caser Expat Insurance: Adapta, Activa and Integral. With all three, policy holders receive benefits such as:

  • 24h personalised assistance in English
  • Access to top quality medical specialists and professionals
  • International emergency assistance
  • Coverage for the policy holder and their family
  • Dental supplements
  • Second opinions
  • Special coverage for children
  • and more!

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Car Insurance

The Caser Expat Insurance – Car Insurance policies are available in four forms: Basic, Third Party, Third Party Extended and Full Comp. Some of the benefits that are available to policy holders include:

  • No claims discounts
  • 24h personalised assistance in English
  • 24h assistance from kilometre 0 and beyond. Including outside of Spain in other European countries.
  • A variety of extra coverages based on a driver’s needs

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Home Insurance

Spain is Caser’s home country and they’d like to make your transition to this new country as easy as possible by offering insurance policies for you new home. Home Insurances are one of Caser’s most popular policies, both for Expats and Spaniards, and has insured over 2 million homes. Some of the benefits of holding a Caser Expat Insurance – Home Insurance policy include:

  • Top financial security
  • Top quality service and advice from the industry’s best professionals.
  • Coverage adapted to the policy holder’s needs
  • Travel assistance
  • Home Assistance service to help
  • Special rates and discounts for Expats

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For any further questions you may have about Caser Expat Insurance policies or coverage you can visit us online at or give us a call at +34 902 090 779