Finding the Perfect Home in Spain

2 June 2015 0 Comments Category: Fleur Van de Put, Just Landed

perfect home bathBefore moving to Spain, ask yourself the question: “What am I expecting of the Spanish living situation?” People who move to Spain to enjoy retirement, might choose a completely different area of Spain to families who start a (temporary) adventure, including bringing children to a new school, learning a new language etc.

The choice of a house in Spain also depends on whether you would like to be in a bigger city or closer to the mountains, if you would like to have a sea-view or prefer a rural environment. Distances can be big in Spain, and you also have to take into consideration if you will have a car or would like to travel by public transportation. Do you want a garden or do you prefer an apartment?

A lot of questions you would ask yourself when moving within your own country, also apply when moving abroad. Yet, Spanish life takes place mainly outside, temperatures might differ from the ones at homes, so requirements to what a house would need might be different. If you are planning on living in Spain the whole year through, make sure you have a heating! Air-conditioning maybe sounds more important, but not all Spanish areas have a warm winter, and constructions aren´t always built for colder periods. In Spain, also a lot of homes are build just to “veranear”, meaning people live here for the summer months, but not in winter. Be sure your new house is giving you comfort throughout all seasons!

relocation spainReferring to the summer months: depending on where you are going to live (and of course always depending on budget and priorities): you might consider renting or buying a house with a pool. A lot of Spanish houses have access to a pool, depending on region of course. For children it can mean a daily pleasure, for parents or others that have limited time or knowledge of maintaining a pool, it can become a burden or financial handicap. Community pools (shared with a block of houses or an apartment-block) are good alternatives to cool off in the Spanish heat. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

No matter which region you would like to move to, or whether it should be somewhere to enjoy your family-life or well-earned pension, make sure you think about expectations and “must-have´s” of your new home. It is up to you if you prefer a small Spanish village where you will have to find your way immediately speaking the local dialect and surviving with gestures and hand signs at first. Or choose to be among other expats and connect by joining the activities offered in your language. Either way, you need to be sure, that what you are looking for is offered. A relocation agent can help you to find out. Relocation agents speak Spanish and your language; have contacts to for example real estate agents, private homeowners and lawyers. They can advise on what to be aware of and more than finding you a home. They also help with the contracts, necessary (residency) papers, schools if needed, insurances, telephone/internet and, for example, utilities such as water/gas/electricity in your new house.

relocationA lot of real estate agents are licensed and member of the API organisation. They can help you to find out whether the house is in good condition, check if there are no debts on the former owners name and will intermediate between parties. A relocation agent can come along to visit (for translations or advice), yet it is always recommend to hire a lawyer when it comes to buying a house. For renting, you don´t need to invest in a lawyer, but in the buying-process it is highly advised. To find the perfect home in Spain it is not just about finding the dream location, it is also about working with specialists and making sure all paper work is done correctly. Make sure you consider your move to Spain and don´t hesitate to ask questions and orientate well to feel yourself quicker adapted and at home in your new Spanish perfect house!

Moving to the area of Valencia-city? can help you with all questions considering where and how to start. It is a team of 2 enthusiastic professional expats; they speak several languages and can assist you in taking all those steps to move to Spain.

Photo by Urko Dorronsoro