Simple Tricks to Stay Fit With a Busy Schedule

8 June 2015 0 Comments Category: Active Lifestyle

The World Health Organization recommends at least 1 hour of physical activity or exercise a day and when we do, we enjoy the benefits. But keeping active and staying fit while maintaining our busy schedule, at times seems practically impossible. Well, stop stressing! It´s not always a matter of having time to go to the gym. There are ways we can sneak a workout during our usual daily routine. Just follow these simple tips.

Spain is known for its excellent public transportation system. So instead of taking the car, walk to the nearest metro or bus station and enjoy the ride. Plus, it´s a wonderful way to engage with Spanish society and people watch.

Make it a point to walk everywhere. To work, home, to the supermarket…and if it´s too much to carry, most stores in Spain offer free delivery. Remember, walking is easy and free. It strengthens your heart, gives you energy, tones your body and boosts your vitamin D levels…. Make sure to read this article, if you´d like to discover all the benefits that walking provides.

At work, try strengthening your core by sitting on a stability ball and keep some dumbbells at the desk. Between phone calls, emails or before lunch, you can sneak in some curls, presses or crunches.

Instead of taking the elevator, climb the stairs at work and home. You can slowly increase your speed and the number of stairs you take in. Remember, staying fit is not about quantity. Quality is what counts.


Cycle there. Most Spanish cities, including Valencia and Sevilla, now have bicycle paths and their very own public bicycle rentals, especially designed for residents. If you live in Barcelona, join Bicing. If you live in Madrid, check out BiciMad. Plus, remember that cycling is not only healthy; it´s a wonderful way to move around the city while you stay fit.

Remember, workouts don’t need to be formal to be effective. So, make it a point to play. Whether it´s at the park with the dog or kids, or while discovering a new part of town, make it fun by integrating play into your free time.

Create healthy menus. Like we suggested in our post: “Typical Spanish food you must try this summer”there are excellent dishes that will keep you refreshed and healthy all summer long. Remember, Spain is the birthplace of the famous Mediterranean Diet, recommended by nutritionists and experts worldwide. Take advantage of the delicious local produce and create healthy menus to enjoy at home or take to work.

Waiting in line. This is one activity you´ll be doing a lot of while living in Spain. So, why not take advantage of these otherwise dull moments to stretch out, touch your toes, clench your buttocks, or raise yourself onto your tiptoes to strengthen your calves. If you´d like to discover what other relatively discreet exercises you can do while you wait, make sure to read this article here.

We hope you enjoyed our free, simple and easy ways to stay in shape while leading a busy lifestyle. Which ones will you incorporate into your schedule?

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