Marc Gasol Extends Partnership with Caser Seguros

11 June 2015 0 Comments Category: Active Lifestyle, blog

On May 28th, the Spanish NBA star – Marc Gasol – made his first public appearance in Madrid, Spain after completing his seventh season in the NBA. Caser Seguros and Gasol have partnered together since 2010, seeing it as an opportunity to build on his strengths of leadership, teamwork, quality and results. We’re proud to announce that Marc Gasol has extended his agreement with Caser Seguros through April 2017!

Cristina de Miguel, Director of Corporate Marketing at Caser Seguros commented that,

given the results and strong professional and personal relationship of these past five years, it is a privilege to extend the partnership.

With business aside, Gasol had a record year playing for the Memphis Grizzles, one of the top teams in the U.S. He was recently named selected to join the ALL NBA 1st Team making him the first Spaniard and second European to receive the title. He was also a starting player in the 2015 NBA All Star Game for the Western Conference…Interestingly enough his brother, Pau Gasol, was selected for the Eastern Conference.

After all this excitement, Gasol has decided to take a rest and has debuted as a free agent. This allows him to choose his own destiny: remain with his current team the Memphis Grizzlies or sign with one of the many other top teams that are vying for his attention.

Even with all of the success, Marc remains humble. He stated that he does not count individual success, but a team’s success. Although as a team, they may be off on the right foot initially, there are always parts that need work and that can be improved for the next season…the question is, for what team will he be playing for next year? 

He’s no doubt a team player, however Gasol’s individual success has made him a desirable player for any top NBA team. He respects his current team and acknowledges that he (and his brother) have a long history with both the team and the city, however staying there may not be the best option for him personally or professional. Other teams that he may be considering include the New York Knicks, the San Antonio Spurs and of course his current team, the Memphis Grizzles.

…I have spent years in the league, I know it pretty well, they’re not going to convince me with very many things. The things that are around me are not very important, my daily functioning as a team is what is more important. I’m a person that leads a simple life, of work at home with the family. I don’t need many things, what’s most important is basketball.

Marc Gasol for Caser

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