Shopping Envy, Spain’s Shopping Trolley Culture

24 June 2015 1 Comments Category: Ali Meehan, Living in Spain

Moving to Spain, there will be lots of cultural changes. In Andalucia we have flamenco, duende, festivos, ferias and shopping trolleys! The two wheeled long handled variety that no shopper can live without.

IMG_3174My own shopping trolley was inherited from my neighbours when they moved back to Denmark, unlike any of my clothes (honest) it has tiger-skin pattern, so I call it Tigre. It may not be a perfect fashion accessory, and anywhere else in the world may be laughed at, however, in Spain in the “Typical Non-Spanish” lifestyle we use our Tigre with pride.  Not just restricted to supermarket visits, or  my weekly visit to our local viveros kiosk, Tigre even brings the towels and picnic to the beach.



Before moving to Spain the phrase “trolley envy” was unknown to me but I can see them… clocking Tigre, and then looking me up and down to see if the trolley fits the owner.  Maybe I should arrange a Trolley themed Costa Women event on Facebook to come and show yours (with photos of course). They come in all shapes and sizes and all have a story to tell.  Share your Trolley with pride I say… Marc Jacobs you need to start rethinking your product-line as it’s a time to add a Trolley into your collection!

What does your shopping trolley look like?

Photo credits: South Granville 

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  1. Christine Shaw

    Hi, just returned from Spain, of course with a trolley.
    Here at home in the UK we have the usual granny square caged tartan four wheeled trollies that even our grannies are not happy using.
    Then we have the funky two wheeled version, sometimes with extra wheels so they go up and down steps easily. Fun and practical unless you actually fill them.!! After pulling them along ,taking all the weight on one side and limping home with siatica , you wonder if you are better off at all.
    Well Spain opened my eyes ,,!! They have lots of various push along trollies !!! Good colours and styles, foldable, lightweight and just like pushing a pram !! I had to have one !! Now I am home I will push it to the market or take it on the bus with pride . No more heavy bags for me yeah !!!

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