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20 July 2015 1 Comments Category: Active Lifestyle

If you like to eat well, you´ve probably already discovered another interesting fact about Spain: it´s very hard to stay fit, especially while on vacation. Even Spaniards gain at least 3 kilos every summer. So, what can we do to keep enjoying the amazing food and not overdo it? Keep reading to discover our best summer tips for staying fit on vacation.


Walk everywhere:

Walking is considered to be a wonderful exercise. Plus, it´s free and doesn´t require special clothing. Walking is also the best way to discover hidden squares, secret corners, unexpected views and amazing sites anywhere you go in Spain.

Try to integrate it into your daily routine and make it fun. You can program a morning walk to visit a new neighborhood or market. And you can even make it a point to walk home after lunch or dinner.

Read here to discover great walks and runs in and around Madrid.

Whether you´re traveling or staying in this summer, you should definitely check out the Vías Verdes website, in English. Vías Verdes, literally meaning “green paths”, are old railway lines that have been recovered for cyclists and outdoor lovers. Check out all the different paths throughout Spain and plan a nice walk this summer.


Cycling in Major Cities:

Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia are great examples of Spanish cities that have created fun, safe bike paths and cycling trails. If you´d like to get a feel for what it´s like to cycle in your city, we suggest you go on a guided bike tour like the kind organized by Bravo Bike, who operate all over Spain and has 15 years of experience to back them up.


There´s no need to own a bike if you live in Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia as they have their very own public bike rentals for residents and visitors alike.

Check out these websites to discover how you can enjoy this clean, healthy and sustainable way of getting around.

Cycling in Madrid.

Cycling in Barcelona.

Cycling in Valencia

Beyond these great activities, be sure you check out some of the great offerings from our Typical Non Spanish Team Members! If you’re headed to Valencia, stay active on your visit with a Go Running Tour- Valencia with Fleur. Keep active on your visit to Madrid with our Team Member Robert and his many activities through Madrid Outdoor Sports.


To Eat or not to Eat.

This is not really the question. But rather, what can we eat to try and stay fit this summer? Here are several food related tips we hope you enjoy:

Normally, the Menus del día offer lighter dishes as a first and meatier or heavier dishes as a second plate but remember you can always ask for 2 primeros (first plates), and instead of ordering natillas (custard) or arroz con leche (rice pudding), for dessert, ask for the delicious seasonal fruit.

Next time you sit down for a meal, be extra careful with the breadbasket. As you´ve probably already discovered, bread is a must on any Spanish table and they´ll serve you half a loaf even if you don´t order it.

It´s delicious we know, but if you´d like to stay fit, limit it for when you order tapas, another excellent option if you don´t want to sit down to eat a full meal.

Ah, the wine in Spain. There are so many varieties and it´s so inexpensive that it´s difficult not to order just a little glass. But remember, alcohol does have a good amount of calories. If you just can´t help yourself, make sure to get your dose of vitamin B6 and a eat plenty of artichokes which will help cleanse your system.

Apart from the wine, Spain has amazing mineral waters such as Lanjarón, Fuente Liviana or Bezoya. Did you know that over half of all bottled water in Spain comes from natural springs? If you haven’t tried Vichy Catalán we encourage you to do so. It´s a legendary naturally carbonated water, rich in minerals, and helps lower cholesterol and strengthens the heart.

Last month we shared our favorite Spanish dishes. Ones, which will help you keep cool all summer long. If you didn’t get the chance to read it, we encourage you to do so. You´ll learn all about the delicious cold soups, including gazpacho and ajo blanco, and other veggie delights.

What plans do you have this summer?

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