The origen of the Spartan Race

1 October 2015 0 Comments Category: Active Lifestyle, Barbara de Swaan, blog

On the 11th of October I will participate in the Spartan Race, the Super Spartan: 13 KM running through the mountains and passing 22 obstacles. The race takes place in Suria, near to Manresa in the province of Barcelona.

No, I am not some super sportswoman but I clearly do like a challenge. I run three times a week between 6 and 12 KM to stay in shape, twice a week I go to TactFit, a kind of training to become stronger and twice a week or more I play games of paddle ball.

For those who don’t know what a Spartan race is, here some background information.

The Spartan Race originated in Vermont in 2010, where 500 participants had to run, crawl, jump and swim certain obstacles. The obstacles were designed by the United States Military. There are always three distances to chose from:

Spartan Sprint: 5KM + 15 obstacles

Super Spartan: 13KM + 20 obstacles

Spartan Beast: 20 KM + 25 obstacles

Typical obstacles that are in most races are: fire jumps, barbed wire crawl, over-under-through obstacles, spear throw, wall climb, object carry, traversal wall, slippery wall, gladiator arena, rope climb, rolling mud, tractor pull, monkey bars, stump balance, rope swing, etc.

Every obstacle you fail or don’t dare to do, you have to complete 30 burpees before you can continue the race.



Some really trained participants complete within one calendar year all three of the races: Sprint, Super and Beast. By doing this they obtain the Trifecta medal.

Last but not least there is a Kids Spartan for the children. They too have to crawl through mud and carry heavy objects, so prepare to carry some clean clothes and shoes for everyone for the trip back home.

If you liked what your read and want more information or even consider participating, here you can find all information on their website.


*Updated 21 October, 2015

13 kilometers in the mountains, 20 obstacles, mud, bruises, and let’s not forget fun all made a part of Barbara’s big day! Her vertigo and fear of falling on the rocky mountainous terrain didn’t stop her from crossing the finish line with her team. The biggest take away from the event…

The thing I liked the most, and didn’t expect, was doing the Spartan Race as part of a team. We motivated one another, waited together and – most of all – laughed together.

See her full experience on the Typical Non Spanish Facebook Page.

Are you ready to join the challenge?

Dates 2015 and 2016:

10 + 11th of October: Barcelona

28th of November: Valencia

28th  + 29th  May 2016: Madrid

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Photo Source: Spartan Race