Our Experience at Marbella 4 Days Walking

23 October 2015 0 Comments Category: Active Lifestyle, blog, TNS Amigos

The Marbella 4 Days Walking challenge is now complete.  My feet hurt, my quads were burning and the sun scorched my neck, but overall it was a great experience!  Apart from the final day, the weather was perfect but even with the rain and cloud, the organisers made sure everyone was still motivated and spirits were high.

My choice of sport is the short-burst energy type rather than endurance, so after Day One I was wondering whether I would make the start of Day 2.  In comparison, the first day was “easier” than the second which included steep uphill climbs and cross-country walking.  The range of people I spoke to was varied and one person in particular stood out.  He was a Dutch national, living in Southern France, married to a German lady and visiting Spain for the 4 day trek.  He travels all around Europe to participate in different routes and told me the Marbella event and the Camino de Santiago were his favorites’ of all.

Marbella 4 Days Walking

On a personal note, I saw a competitive side to my eldest son Nico as he was determined to finish 1st, even though it was not a race.  On the Saturday he achieved this and came third on the final day.  My youngest, 4 years old, crashed out in the pram after 1 km having sprinted the first part of the walk, which unfortunately meant double work for me pushing him to the finish.

Each day ended with a “Big Band” live music act where all the competitors got together to talk about their experiences, eat and drink.  Those who completed the 4 days were awarded a special medal and the final day was attended by the Mayor of Marbella to meet everyone involved.

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See more about the event here and full photo coverage on our Facebook Page.

Post written by Caser Expat Insurance Representative, Matt Ayling (Marbella).