5 Reasons Why Valencia is the City of Running

29 October 2015 0 Comments Category: Active Lifestyle, blog, Fleur Van de Put

The great thing about running is that you can do it everywhere. If you are living in the mountains, near the beach or in the city, it doesn’t matter. You can do it in your own time and you don’t need much, just a pair of good running shoes and of you go.

I will tell you why Valencia is the best city in the world for running according to me. There are many reasons why Valencia is City of Running (ciudad del running). Let me give you 5:

  1. running pathOne of the best things about Valencia is the mild climate. We are situated south in Europe, therefor it can get warm in summers, but the sea always provides a pleasant coole breeze. In winter it never gets cold and so the temperature stays perfect for running.
  2. We have a diverse terrain. You can run in the park, on the street, at the beach and even in the hills just outside of Valencia city. It is nice to change the terrain once in a while. It supports you to run faster, it makes you stronger and it avoids you from injuries.
  3. distance signsYou never run alone. Whenever you feel like running, you will always see other runners in the park Turia or near the beach. If you like, you can join one of the many running groups. They can keep you motivated an you can train with them for a certain race. If you are in Valencia for a short period, it can be fun to book a sight-running tour with a running guide, who can tell you everything about Valencia.
  4. The city provides many accommodations to make running even more comfortable. A special gravel path for runners is opened this year. It is 5,731 meters long and it leads through the riverbed Turia park. It is complete with distance signs and lights to make it also accessible at night.
  5. 25th aniversaryGreat work is done to lead sport events like the marathon and the half-marathon to success. The half marathon celebrated its 25th birthday this year with a great race, a perfect organization and a record for the best time in the world for the season in the male category with a time of 59:10.

You might notice that I am very enthusiastic about the city of Valencia. It is true that I love living and running in Valencia. I invite you to come over and to see it for yourself.

Valencia: “They tell lots of stories about this city, and they are all true!!!”