A trip to a Typical Non Spanish part of Spain

17 November 2015 0 Comments Category: TNS Amigos

This summer the TNS Blog organised a photo contest. The challenge was to capture the essence of summer in Spain in a single photo. I was lucky enough to be selected as winner having uploaded a photo taken in a vineyard in Alicante just when the grapes were ready to be picked. Attached to the contest was a stay in one of Spain’s beautiful Paradores, the chain of Spanish luxury hotels. Last week my wife Esmé, our two dogs and myself stayed in the ‘Parador de El Saler’ and it turned out to be a truly Typical Non Spanish experience!


The Parador de El Saler is situated just outside Valencia and lies in the midst of the Parc Natural de l’Albufera de València. We never visited this part of Spain and being Dutch, our trip felt in some ways like coming home. l’Albufera, which stretches from the village of Cullera in the South to the outskirts of Valencia in the North, is completely flat! Since Spain is the most mountainous country in Europe, next to Switzerland, you can imagine our surprise. But even more than the lack of mountains, we found the resemblance between the Albufera lake with its and surrounding wetlands and for instance a part of Holland called ‘Loosdrechtse Plassen’ striking. And also walking on the beach and dunesalong which the Parador is located, brought back some memories of the Dutch coast. 1

Granted, there were differences with the ‘low countries’, too. And much to our delight, we should add! To name but a few: during our stay temperatures reached almost 250 C. And then there was of course the food. Since l ‘Albufera is the heartland of the Valencian rice culture we enjoyed a great Paella de Verduras accompanied by a local wine.


This travel report would not be complete without a short note from our dogs, Pitufina and Miffy. Their welcome in the hotel was amazing, with their own Parador pillows, feeding bowls and selected food. So also on behalf of them, Esmé and me: many thanks to Typical Non Spanish and Caser Expat Insurance for this great trip!


Post written by Mike from Snakebite MTB Adventures.