Insurances Every Expat in Spain Needs

18 November 2015 0 Comments Category: Barbara de Swaan, blog, Just Landed

I have been an insurance agent for over 13 years here in Spain and therefore I have a lot of experience with both foreign clients and with the insurance companies and their products. There are two types of clients in my point of view: 1.) the expat client that wants everything and everybody to be insured for the maximum coverage possible and 2.) the client who has no idea his/her needs insurances, doesn’t see the relevance and is completely unaware of the risks, laws and obligations in Spain.

The first kind of client seems to be the easiest and from a sales point of view it is, but since I don’t like to over-insure my clients either, it’s my task to explain to them what it is that really needs to be insured, the limits a company will pay in case of damage and how Spain works. Weird enough, I very often really have to convince this type of client of not over-insuring themselves but in the end they are satisfied with a clearer view on how things work in Spain.

The second type of client needs a different approach. They see Spain through sunglasses, beaches and happiness and tend to forget that in Spain nasty things can happen too. This is normally what I recommend:


In Spain, it doesn’t rain very often, but when it rains- it pours and the sewerage overflows, with a possible result: basements full of water, leaking roofs, cars that are taken by rivers of dirt that run through the streets and many more posible damages. So my advice is to always take out a good and complete house insurance. The product I offer covers both the house as well as the household or only the household in case of rent. Beside that it has a standard coverage for private liability, legal assistance regarding the house and a basic travel insurance. This insurance covers not only the insurance taker but the whole family. A very complete product, policy in English, Dutch or German and not expensive at all.


Most people believe that the choice for of coverage depends only on the age of the car, but there’s much more to take into account than that in Spain.

When someone damages your car, they never ever leave a note apologizing for it or in order to claim their insurance if necessary, so you always end up paying for the damages yourself. In case of a more serious accident on the road, don’t be surprised if the guilty driver escapes without taking responsibility and if he/she stops check the information they give you, because it wouldn’t be the first time someone leaves fake contact details, license plates or ID. In that case you would have no one to claim the damages you have. For all these reasons it might be a good idea to consider an all risk coverage, also when your car isn’t brand new anymore.  The argument many clients have that an all risk car insurance is it’s expensive and doesn’t count for most of our expat clients. The reason is that Caser Seguros knows the statistics per nationality. It has been proven that many nationalities, among which the Dutch, Belgian, German, English, French and Americans, who claim much less than, for example, the Spanish. For that reason Caser Seguros Expat Insurance offers the maximum discount for these and more nationalities with this type of driving conduct. This way our clients can get the best coverage for a very reasonable price.

Some other time, I will explain how the choose the right private health insurance, because that requieres some extra time. For now I will only say that I strongly recommend to always take out a private health insurance.

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