You’re never too old to play games and have fun in Valencia

25 November 2015 0 Comments Category: Active Lifestyle, blog, Fleur Van de Put

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la vallesaIn our busy lives, sometimes we forget how much fun it was, when we were kids. It was so simple, we had some friends and we could play outside all day. It is a shame that we forgot how to play. Why should we stop playing, when we grow older?

invitationI was asked by the Dutch Business Club in Valencia (NZKV) to organise a sports event for their members and families. It was an honour for me, to take part in this team for the organization with Roberto Fernandez, who is also related to sports, as he works for Training Trips, Suzanne Kreulen, who is becoming an Essentrics teacher and Gerard Loos, who sails the seas, and who has won many races.

T-ShirtsWe found a great location, just outside of Valencia in La Cañada, a Social Club of one of the members. Above all expectations, over 60 people subscribed of all ages. We made eight teams with adults and children combined for a day of fun in Valencia. The little ones got in the teams with their parents, but older children could compete with their parents, who we located in other teams. Everyone got a T-Shirt. The colour of the shirt and the colour of the print corresponded with the team they were on.

teambuildingAll teams played the eight different games. We played Football (Soccer), Basketball, Running Relay, Essentrics (is a combination of Yoga and Pilates), Ping-Pong, Bike Trail, Jeu de Boule and Sjoelen (which is a typical Dutch game with wooden blocks that you have to shuffle in four
different wholes to gain points).

ready, set, goSome of the teams became very competitive. It was hard for us to find the final winning team, but we accomplished. We had medals for all the children and for the winning team. Before the awards ceremony we had a typical Valencian Sunday afternoon lunch: Paella and Fideuà!! Delicious!!!

paellaThere were so many happy faces and we got really nice feedback afterwards. It was a wonderful experience. Special thanks go out to Typical Non SpanishCaser Expat Insurance, Go! Running Tours, Hello Print and Valencia Bikes, who helped to make this great day happen.

There are moments that we realize that time is passing by very fast and we have to make time, to have fun. Remember, you are never too old to play.