Madrid Outdoor Sports presents CityCross™

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Madrid Outdoor Sports presents CityCross™

Get out of the gym and onto the streets!

2016, as does every new year, presents itself full of new year’s resolutions and new challenges and objectives. got a head start with one of the most important ones to us: getting and keeping you in shape.

Madrid Outdoor Sports presents CityCross™Our method? CityCross™, a way of training that stems from our own need for action, combined with an original form of self-improvement and our motto “healthy mind in a healthy body”…

It also stems from a necessity to train, at least partially, for mountain races in an urban environment. But this seized to be the main objective was soon as we

Madrid Outdoor Sports presents CityCross™

Madrid Outdoor Sports presents CityCross™

Madrid Outdoor Sports presents CityCross™

discovered how much fun it is to train using the streets as our gym and playing with the city instead of being angry we don’t live in the beautiful mountains of Madrid. We actually started to rediscover Madrid this way, seeing and using sites we’d never before stopped to admire.

What exactly is CityCross™?

With the CityCross™ training sessions, we combine Parkour with Cross Training type exercises and Running, over a distance of about 5 kilometers. The route we run is a beautiful course around the premises of the Royal Palace.


The Route

Madrid Outdoor Sports presents CityCross™We start at the Egyptian Templo de Debod. From there we run downhill towards the river. The first stop, Príncipe Pío, introduces us to some very effective, basic Parkour exercises before crossing the river. There, alongside the Manzanares, just 1km from Príncipe Pío, we have a second stop. The third is just before heading into Calle Segovia to turn back towards the city center. There’s some serious uphill running to be done before we pass the Royal Palace, discovering some hidden urban single tracks with a Royal view. And of course, we don’t complete the circle without passing through the Royal Sabatini Gardens.

All Levels are Welcome

Training sessions are suitable for virtually all levels of fitness. The sections we run between the different exercise ‘stations’ are short (maximum one kilometer). This allows for a variety of different rhythms, because there’s almost no time to fall behind.

Also: the exercises are done using various time frames, for example 20 seconds or 3 x 30 seconds, rather than a certain amount of repetitions. This way everyone is free to decide how many repetitions to do within each time frame.

We understand that everyone who joins us does it voluntarily, which makes it logical that everyone wants to have a proper and challenging workout with a happy ending (and maybe some sore muscles the next day 🙂 ).

Our trainer(s) help(s) you to train at your max in a responsible and fun manner.

Why the combination of Cross Training with Parkour and Running?

  • Because this way we train the whole body, from head to toes!
  • On one hand, because runners need to train both upper- and lower body and on the other because fitness fans often neglect their leg strength. (In addition we also pay attention to developing a correct running technique)
  • Because the result is a fun, unique and pioneer training method.


Qualified Trainers in Every Discipline

All this is wrapped in a professional presentation, because we only work with qualified and experienced trainers in each of the integrated disciplines


We hope to welcome you at the next training:

  • GUARANTEED TRAINING: Each Wednesday from 19.30pm to 21.00pm, starting at Templo de Debod
  • TRAINING DEPENDING ON MIN. GROUP: Each Sunday from 11.00am to 12.30pm, starting at Templo de Debod


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