Winter Sports in Spain

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What most people enjoy in Spain is its beautiful weather and the Mediterranean Sea but there is an increasing amount of those who have begun to set their eye on the country´s active winter sports. In some areas, you can even be on the slopes all morning and head down to the beach in the afternoon. If you lead an active lifestyle, keep reading to discover the best places in Spain where to ski, snowboard, cross country, hockey, curling and ice skate!

Did you know that skiing appeared in Spain right around 1910? And that the small groups of Spanish skiers were either self taught or learned to ski thanks to northern European travelers or expats. Compared with other countries, where skiing is almost a part of the culture, Spain had a late start. But, it now has its own Federation of Winter Sports, 31 ski stations and the snow and ice sport lovers are growing in numbers.  

We´ve made a selection of some of the best ski resorts in Spain that offer classes, activities for kids and other winter sports aside from skiing. In any of the places below, there are plenty of beautiful hikes and small villages close by where to indulge in culture, art, history and yes… good food.

Baquiera Beret is located in the heart of the Pyrenees, in the Aran and Áneu Valley, in the province of Lleida, and is the largest winter resort in Spain. The ski area extends from 1,500 to 2,510 meters in elevation and has 146 kilometers of marked pistes and 7 dedicated to cross country skiers. The area encloses almost 50 small rural villages where you can get an up close look at Romanesque churches. The ski resort has a website in English where you can check the weather, slopes and the ski lifts available. You can also buy your ski passes online.



Candanchú is another ski resort located in the western part of the Pyrenees, in the province of Huesca, and, depending on where you live, can get here easily by bus, plane, taxi or train. Did you know that Candanchú is situated next to the mythical Camino de Santiago road and is only 1 kilometer away from the border with France? Plus, there are beautiful, historic towns and villages nearby, among which we recommend you, visit Jaca. Check out their website here (available only in Spanish).

Sierra Nevada means “snowy range” in Spanish and is one of Europe´s most southerly ski resorts. What makes this one so special is it´s location, at the foothills of Granada and short drive away from Almeria and Malaga. Did you know that Sierra Nevada has the longest winter season (5 months a year)?! Check out their bilingual website for more information.

Navacerrada is the last ski resort on our list and a favorite for those who live in the capital, as it is only 52 kilometers away. With 19 pistes and an elevation of 1,200 meters, Navacerrada is located at the entrance of the Barranca Valley, in the heart of the Sierra de Guadarrama. Spectacular forests and plenty of outdoor winter activities to take part in, the ski resort offers a website in English that shows weather maps, snow overview and other important information.

Remember, all ski resorts mentioned here include classes, daily activities, restaurants and spas.

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Where will you go to practice winter sports this year?


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