Best Places to spend winter in Spain

11 January 2016 0 Comments Category: Living in Spain

Places in Spain

Every winter, northern European “snowbirds” flock to Spain to enjoy the sunshine for a few days or weeks but then head back home to the cold. The good news is that, now that you live here, you won´t have to travel too far to enjoy the good weather and you can actually combine warm and cold destinations throughout the year. Today at Typical Non Spanish, we´d like to give you the rundown on the top places where to flock this winter season.

Some people believe there´s great sunny weather in Spain, all year round but some regions do get pretty cold in winter. Whether you´re looking to leave your hat and coat behind and bring out the bathing suit and sunglasses, or vice versa, we came up with one suggestion for both.

If you thought we´d include the Canary Islands or Almeria, think again. Yes, it´s summer in either place practically all year round but we thought we´d suggest a place that blends history, art, nature, music and good food all in one.


Malaga lies in the Costa Del Sol (literally the sun coast) and is the 6th largest city in Spain. But did you know that Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world? Proof is to be found in the archaeological remains and monuments that included the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Christians. Just a stroll through the city center is a lesson in history.

Only 130 kilometers north of Africa and with only 50 days of rainfall throughout the year makes Malaga pretty much a sunshine destination. Whether you´re interested in art and history or would rather spend your days enjoying the wilderness or the beach, Malaga is the place to be. Did you know that Malaga houses the Picasso Museum and his birthplace as well as the Centre Pompidou Malaga? But if you´re into a different type of art or are curious to see some of the world´s best examples of street art, you have to head over to what is now called the Soho of Malaga.

Another great thing about this city is that it lies at the feet of Montes de Malaga Natural Park, an oasis for nature lovers. Dense pine forests, rivers and breathtaking valleys, barely just a few kilometers north of the city.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian

If you want to keep your winter coat on and feel the cool breeze on your face without freezing (average temperature during the month of January and February are 8 degrees Celsius), we suggest you do it with style and head to the Basque Country, to make yourself at home in San Sebastian.

Located on the Bay of Biscay, only 20 kilometers from the French border, San Sebastian has just become European Cultural Capital in 2016. It´s stunning shoreline enhanced by the hills that overlook it, together with its cultural activities and world famous food and wine (many of the Michelin star restaurants in Spain are here), make Donostia (in Basque), a perfect place to spend the winter. Plus, there are tons of interesting villages close by where to spend a morning or afternoon. Getaria and Hondarribia are two perfect examples but why not include Saint Jean de Luz, in France only 20 minutes away!

Indulge in a food tour or stroll along the Parte Vieja, enjoy a stunning view from Monte Igueldo or check the famous Combs of the Wind (Peine del Viento in Spanish), by renowned Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida. Jorge Oteiza´s work can also be admired along Paseo Nuevo. When you get there, you´ll understand why they say his sculpture defies the force of the sea.

So, there you have it. Two very different destinations that share the important things in life: good people, good food and beautiful and diverse landscapes. One cold, one hot. It´s now up to you.

Where are you most likely to spend you winter this year?

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