Phone & Internet providers in Spain

12 January 2016 0 Comments Category: Just Landed


If you´ve just landed, you´re probably wondering what phone & Internet provider is best for your needs. Our job at Typical Non Spanish is to make your life easier so we´ve done our homework to offer you a quick review on the best options available. Keep reading to discover the ins and outs of phone and Internet providers in Spain.

There are basically four Internet and cell phone providers that have their own network of antennas installed throughout the country. Their prices are higher but they are the only ones who offer packages combining ADSL or Fiber Optic, with landline and cellphone service. And they are…


Movistar is the first ADSL and fiber optic provider in Spain and the first one to offer mobile and ADSL packages to clients. Movistar belongs to Telefónica, which until 1998 was the only phone provider in Spain. Today, it still retains almost 70% of the market share. The pros: good customer service (in English too!) and has stores in every major city in Spain. But the best thing about Movistar is its broadband. Cons: it´s pricier than others and you´ll need a NIE to get started.


Vodafone was a rather small company until it bought ONO. It´s ADSL connection is the second in line for being the fastest in the market and now offers up to 3000 Mb of speed. Pros: good customer service, Vodaphone stores in practically every major city in Spain, competitive prices and only requires a passport, not a NIE. Cons: reviews say prices go up after the first year and they have more of a limited coverage compared to companies, which only offer ADSL.



Orange strives to offer very good prices and they are known for including unlimited minutes to landlines and cell phones. Pros: free minutes for international calls and their fiber optic connections are symmetrical. Cons: It´s not valued as much as others, you must sign a long term contract and their ADSL prices without cell phone increases after the first year.


Yoigo was the first low-cost provider in Spain and is now the fourth Spanish Internet provider with it´s own license. Pros: If you don´t add a cell phone to the account, you don’t have to sign a long-term contract. Cons: be cautious and read the fine print especially if you feel lured by the unlimited minutes they offer.

Other Internet providers:

There are also a number of regional and smaller Internet providers in Spain like MásMóvil, whose clients are growing in numbers!

You can take our word but we encourage you to also talk to your neighbors, members of the community and other expats and listen to what they have to say.

Did you know that the small village of Centelles is set to manage it´s fiber optic network? Read all about it here, in Spanish only.