It Could Be You – Maria Paschalias

10 March 2016 0 Comments Category: blog, Expats Interviews, Living in Spain

Here and now

My name is Maria Paschalias. I was born in Brussels, Belgium, but I moved to Madrid almost six months ago. After completing a degree in Brussels, I came to Spain to further my professional career… and now my life is miles away from how it used to be. Living with strangers, all of whom are Spanish, meant that I had to learn the language. Thankfully, this wasn’t too much of a challenge as half of my family are from Colombia.

This is my first experience working abroad without my family nearby. The quality of life is different. I find it hard to compare my new lifestyle in Madrid to how it was back in Brussels. I’m not sure if it’s simply down to the weather, but in Madrid, it’s easier to go out for post-work drinks and meet new people. I think that Spanish people live their lives in the here and now – this certainly helps a lot when you move to a new place and it’s definitely not the norm in Belgium. I love embracing each day as it comes and, for now, this is exactly what I need.

My favorite part of Madrid is the bright light and atmosphere around the city. The people seem different, friendlier and much more open, and there’s a different vibe on the streets. I think my mood is somewhat influenced by the sunlight here in Spain as I always have a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

What would make my life here truly perfect would be having my friends and family nearby, and of course access to Belgian chocolate.