When things go better than planned

20 March 2016 0 Comments Category: blog, Just Landed

What were your thoughts when you decided to move to Spain? During those moments when you were making your plans, asking others about their experiences, googling almost everything that crossed your mind, what did you visualize? Maybe, it was your new job abroad, the people, the food, the culture or the streets. Perhaps you even picture yourself going to a football game with your wife or choosing the best school for your kids.

Surely, you organized every little detail to have everything under control and be well prepared for your new endeavour.  But, as you know, every adventure comes with different challenges and surprises, and though sometimes things don’t go according to the plan, they might actually turn out to be even better.

We give you 3 examples of how life in Spain can caught an expat off guard for the best:

1.- Entrepreneurship land

Is no secret that moving abroad is the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself. Since nobody knows you, it’s the right moment to show your skills and prove your potential. Even though Spain went through a huge economic crisis in 2008, many expats developed their brilliant ideas and kept the hard work, taking advantage of the sunny days and skipping the siestas.

DSC_0036The thin line of working for survival and being your own boss in a faraway land can give an extra motivation to an expat. Bringing many ideas from their countries that have never been seen through Spanish eyes, have worked perfectly. Now many people are coming to introduce their businesses and to become entrepreneurs with loads of success.

We invite you to meet and talk to our Caser Team: Barbara, Fleur, Cat, Ali, Robert or Matt. They will tell you their own experiences and how you can succeed in Spain.


2.- A very warm welcoming

One thing that distinguishes Spanish people is that they are giving and helpful to foreigners. Any chance they have to share traditions and drink a caña with you, they will take it and you should too. They may not understand half of what you’re saying if you’re speaking in english, a great percentage isn’t used to that language, but you can still have the time of your life with them either way.

DSC_0275Enjoying their welcoming nature comes with the responsibility of getting used to their traditions. A perfect example would be receiving two kisses in the cheek, a good shove in your shoulders or maybe a hug if you look friendlier than others, that can happen just by meeting them for the first time.

Also you should start preparing your stomach, a hug will not be enough. They will take you to their local bar to have a coffee, wine or caña while you’re eating tapas non stop and then you might be finishing with a bocata.

These rituals are part of your integration process and, a great way to compliment their efforts to make you feel at home, is showing up every time and being open to these new experiences.

3.- The language

As we said before, a big part of the Spaniards don’t talk english but, they know the importance of having a second language in this multicultural world and their working to learn as fast as they can. However, this is why many expats are coming, because they manage several tongues and it’s always a plus when they’re looking for a job. Speaking more than one language is considered as an advantage, not only english but also french, german, portuguese, arabic, or chinese.

But, you have to keep in mind that depending on the city you choose, you’ll have to learn the local language. Six of the 17 autonomous communities have their own official tongue: catalan, valenciano, euskera, gallego are the main ones. Even though more than 80% of the population speaks castellano, you have to know that this is also an opportunity of adding another language to your resumé.

What are you waiting for?

These are only three of the many reasons why Spain is the perfect place for an expat to grow professionally and personally. We are leaving behind numerous things that we will keep on sharing. If you have something more please let us know in your comments.