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28 April 2016 3 Comments Category: blog, Living in Spain

5 dishes you need to consider

To eat or not eat – that is the question. We need to quote Shakespeare if we are going to talk about these delicious but unusual dishes.

People talk a lot about the strange insects that are currently offered in the streets of Beijing or maybe the famous frog legs eaten in France, but every country has their own particular bizarre traditions which are often reflected in their cuisine. If you want to feel like a local in Spain, it will help if you try one of these meals with your friends.

Here are 5 of the weirdest dishes you need to consider eating and sharing if you’re living in Spanish lands:



Let’s start by saying that this dish is one of the capital’s most famous, “Callos a la madrileña”. The biggest restaurants in the city serve this traditional casserole, whose most striking ingredient is actually cow intestines, accompanied by vegetables, chorizo and ham.

The word calllos literally means calluses, the same ones that you can have on your hands, fingers, feet and toes. So not only you are eating the insides of a cow’s stomach but the very name is so unappealing, it’s a wonder anyone voluntarily orders it!

However, we can tell you that is an experience that is most definitely worth trying. Don’t forget that it is one of the most traditional dishes of Madrid’s gastronomy.




One of the most expensive dishes on this list. In English, percebes are known as goose barnacles. The high cost of this meal is due to the risk involved in obtaining them. The percebe grows between the rocks in the sea, lakes or cliffs, so they are very difficult to collect, and people risk their lives in the process. They are mostly found in Galicia, Asturias, Portugal and France.

To eat your delicious and somewhat creepy dish you need to suck the ‘goose’ out of its shell, then order something else because is not likely to fill you up, unlike the previous dish.

Oreja de cerdo


If you go out with your Spanish friends to a local bar, maybe to watch a fútbol game or just for cañas and copas, they might order this traditional dish to share while you’re having drinks. Prepare your stomach for the weirdest treat of all: pork ear.

The sensation you might get in your mouth is of chewing pork-flavoured cartilage with olive oil, lots of fatty skin, usually topped with a little bit of spicy sauce and garlic. This so-called delicacy is a definite must-try experience, at least once in your life.

Fabada Asturiana


More pork? If you’re not hungry yet after reading about the first three dishes, we are going to get your stomach’s attention with this one.

It is a mixture of white beans with different fillings, such as sausage, pig’s blood (morcilla), bacon, and more pork. High on calories of course, and it is commonly served at noon in a very hot casserole. Is one of the ten traditional Spanish recipes, specifically from Asturias.



What better way to finish your lunch or your dinner than having a dissert? A typical postre from Murcia, mainly served for the fiestas of spring along side with the buñuelos, can sound interesting right?

When we were kids, at least once, we ate grass or sand because we didn’t know exactly what we were doing, but now is ridiculous to say that you had fried leaf for dessert, don’t you think? Well in Spain is not that rare. Let us tell how to prepare it at home: you will need cinnamon, sugar, lemmon leaf from a limonero tree, flour and 4 or 5 eggs and then you will need to fried the them in a sarten. ¡Que aproveche! 

Next time you go out with some Spanish friends, don’t be afraid to feel like a local and order one or two of these dishes with your caña. We can assure you that people will definitely realise that you are living in Spain.



  1. maureen anthony

    WOW I have never heard of these even after living mostly here in Spain for the last 12 years. I love spanish food – love tapa and am willing to try any food if the smell is right.
    I will now be looking out for these, so many thanks.


    • Typical Non Spanish

      Hello Maureen, we are glad that you like our post, we hope you can try the five dishes that we recommended. We will be posting more, keep in touch. Kind regards.

  2. Ragnar Castillo

    Percebes is a must! I became lucky enough to become friends with a checf in Spain that invited me to dinner where percebes were served. Little did I know at the time the cost of this delicatessen!

    All other dishes has, incidentally, been offered to me in this same restaurant apart from paparajotes. Good selection of dishes you list her; indeed a must when in Spain and very Spanish as far as Spanish goes!


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