5 Perfect Spanish getaway trips

12 May 2016 0 Comments Category: blog, Expat News, Just Landed, Living in Spain


After a long week of hard work, school, university or seeing the same things in your city, it is time to take a break. Escape from the routine and breathe a different air. Spain has one big advantage compared with its European neighbors: 300 sunny days per year. Families can plan a short trip for the weekend knowing that they’re certain to have great weather.

Every country has its wonders, things that make them particularly beautiful. The Spanish lands give you the sensation of living in a marvelous past decade mixed with unique beaches and amazing dishes.

That’s why we wanted to share with you 5 top places to escape to during the upcoming summer with friends, family or perhaps for a romantic getaway.

Sa Calobra

Paradise, there’s no other word that can define this unique place in Mallorca. One of the favorite beaches for those that are looking for artistic inspiration. 38 kms from Sóller, after passing through roads following the cliffs which lead you to one of the most precious sites in Spain.

Sand and gravel, it is the perfect Spanish landscape; it’s easier to get there  by boat than car, and the roads are some of the most dangerous of the region due to their winding and twisting routes.


Up north in the Cantabrian autonomous community, there’s a hidden treasure next to the precious Cantabrian sea. It is one of the few places where Gaudi’s artistic work can be found outside of Cataluña. The “Capricho” is the main masterpiece in Comillas, and was finished in 1885.

The old University Pontificia of Comillas, now the Cantabric foundation center, looks like the Harry Potter castle and is one of the main characteristic centers of the town. Is perfectly symmetrical and is situated at the top of hill, next to the sea.

Comillas is one of the most traditional Spanish places to spend the summer, different from the common cities, where you can taste the amazing Spanish gastronomy by the port, with the sound of the waves in the background.


For those looking for some historic locations, Málaga plays host to a Roman and Islamic paradise called Ronda. It is one of the oldest cities in Spain and is situated on a plateau 750 metres above sea level.

It has an amazing history stretching back into the Neolithic Age, which is why it is one of the must-see places you absolutely can’t miss if you’re living in Spain. Is also one of the best places to enjoy some unique views of the canyon on which the city is built. It’s known as the Dream City of Málaga because of where it is situated, and the sensation you get when you first arrive at the town and look down from the bridge.


Located in one of the eastern-most parts of the Spanish peninsula, it is part of Cataluña and one of the most important towns of the Costa Brava. It is another hidden paradise filled with beautiful beaches and amazing traditional Spanish gastronomy.

Some will say that is incredibly special for cadaquensecs, but even more special for those who don’t live there. Tourism is the economic heart – and why many foreigners feel at home, since they’re being treated as if they were home. The old part of town is a dreamy place to spend most of your visiting time: let yourself get lost in their labyrinthine streets and feel like you’re part of a romantic movie.

You can also find the Casa Museum of Salvador Dalí, which was the house where the artist spent most of his lifetime.

Laguna de la Gitana

One of the seven lagoons to be found in the region of Cuenca. Known as the gypsy lagoon because of its hypnotic beauty, in the summer you can enjoy  the different tones of green that the waters reflect.

It comes with a tragic romantic story, from the two lovers that gave these colors to the lagoon. The legend says that one of them threw herself into the waters, desperate for love.

It is a place surrounded by nature, for those who enjoy spending their summers in the middle of the forest, not only enjoying the sounds of the earth but also digging through the secrets of these 7 lagoons and their romantic tragedies.


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