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10 June 2016 1 Comments Category: blog, Expat News, Expats Interviews, Living in Spain

My name is Luke Sidaway, I consider myself as being from York, although I was actually born in London. I’ve lived in three different places in the UK and now my family lives in York because my Mom is from there originally. I think that moving so much from the North to the South of the country has given me a taste for living abroad, and made me want to travel more.

The first time I ever came to Spain, I was very little and we visited Mallorca and Sevilla. When I was seventeen, I came back and did a week of work experience in Valladolid, and for me, that was the time that I really came to this country because I wasn’t on holidays, and I had to practice my Spanish whilst working in a hotel bar. Years later I decided to do my Erasmus student course in Granada in 2011.

In May of last year, I arrived to Madrid for a job opportunity in which I stayed for three months, after that I started doing freelance translation and interpreting, which it was great because I had the opportunity to interpret for Pablo Laso, the coach of the Real Madrid basketball team, that was a surreal experience for me.

Now I have the privilege to be working for the Real Madrid football team, translating the web content from Spanish to English, and I feel very thankful that after a year in this city I find myself interpreting Zinedine Zidane and improving with their official web page with my language skills.

Aside from the work aspect, the thing that I enjoy the most is meeting people from all over the world. Having a drink with friends from many different countries in just one place makes this city so cosmopolitan. The friends you make, the people you keep meeting every week, every two weeks: some might be just passing through, or maybe you just happen to bump to someone and that will turn into a lasting friendship.

I like the lifestyle as well, I think Madrid is business orientated but at the same time it’s very laid back compared to Paris or London, and that’s why it has an individual charm that makes it so different from most cities.

Even though I had a great year here, my favorite Spanish city is San Sebastián because when I visited it, it was a really impressive place. Beautiful beaches, great food with their pintxos and I found that the people were very welcoming. What I loved the most was that I went there without knowing anything – I went with no expectations and that helped me to be overwhelmed and surprised by its beauty.

I’m also amazed by the Spanish attitude towards life and work, because in England when you work, you sit in the office, at lunch break you sit eating your sandwich at your desk and then you get on with it. In Spain, I like this tradition they have: the idea that we need to be productive and to work but at the same time we need to live, share a meal and sit down with your co-workers and having a good time keeping that balance of doing business while you are enjoying life.


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