Must Do’s in Valencia

23 June 2016 0 Comments Category: blog, Fleur Van de Put, Living in Spain

After 8 years in Valencia, I’m still finding new spots and new things to do on a daily basis. Most people visit Valencia only for a short period, for a city-trip of 2 or 3 days. You don’t have time to find out everything for yourself. By the time you learn to know the city, you’re leaving again. I will give you a list of Must Dos in Valencia if you only have limited time:

  1. Go to the beach  

    Although Valencia is originally not located near the sea (the historical city centre is 5 kilometres from the shore), the fishermen’s villages have now been integrated in the city. It is one of my favourite typically Spanish regions in Valencia. Even in winter the beach is great. Prepare for a long walk along the seashore. Haven’t seen the beach, you haven’t seen Valencia.patacona beach

  2. Eat Paella in Albufera  

    Paella is originally from Valencia. All chefs in Valencia (or men in general) will tell you, they make the best Paella. Don’t be fooled. Albufera, the nature reserve in the south of Valencia, is the place where they grow the Paella-rice. It is my favourite spot to eat Paella. You can go there by bus or on bike. There are even very fun bike-daytrips with a Paella-lunch for this region.paella albufera

  3. Eat tapas in El Carmen  

    Traditional tapas-bars are getting rare in Valencia. Modern trendy international restaurants are getting more popular every day. Go out and find that little Spanish bar (for example Taverna El Oliva) in the oldest part of the city: El Carmen. Order a drink and taste some ‘clochinas’ Valencian mussels, ‘albondigas’ meatballs, ‘patatas bravas’ fried potatoes or ‘pimientos de padron’ little green peppers (not hot, but there is always one very spicy paprika).tapas el carmen

  4. Do sports in the Turia park  

    Do like the locals do. Put on your running shoes and go out to the park. Take a Yoga or Pilates class in the morning, meet up with a bootcamp workout group near the pond or ride a bike from the Bioparc all the way up to the City of Arts & Sciences. The park is the place to be for exercise and relaxation.park Turia

  5. Climb the Micalet  

    The bell tower of the cathedral was built in the 15th century. The proportions are typical of the Mediterranean region; the outline is the same as the height, they are both 50 metres. It is still the highest point to visit in the historical centre. Climbing the tower is a challenge itself, but the stunning views make a visit worthwhile.micalet valencia

You need to come back of course, because you haven’t seen everything yet, but I am sure you get a good impression of the city by doing these five things. Good luck and let me know how it was.

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