Some Of The Best Things About Living Abroad

26 June 2016 1 Comments Category: blog, Expat News, Just Landed, Living in Spain

Living abroad can be overwhelming and scary at first, but it’s also a challenge that everyone should take on, at least once in their lives. Many expats agree that it’s one of the most rewarding things they’ve ever done.

The first feeling you might be faced with is fear. Fear of meeting new people, places, food and the thousands of things that you will encounter in your new life. This sensation is normal; everyone has felt it and you will learn to live with it, mixed in with other emotions like joy, happiness and excitement.

Here are some of the best things about living abroad:

Explorer of the world

When you arrive to your destination: Barcelona, Madrid, Gran Canaria, Ibiza or any part of Spain or the world for the first time, everything will be new for you to explore, you will feel like a kid in huge playground again but with adult responsibilities.

The first tasks will be finding the right place to live, getting to know your neighborhood, learning the local language, and enjoying the new culture. Every day you will learn to lose yourself: get involved in different traditions from those back home, which soon enough you will be calling your own.

Your phone will be your day-to-day diary, not only because of the pictures you might take, but it will also help you to keep in touch with your family and friends back home. It will also become your little personalized map of the city.

Starting from scratch

Besides the sensation of feeling free, new beginnings always make you feel more alive than ever. Moving to a different country is the perfect example; whatever you’ve left behind back home, no one knows anything about it in your new town.

You now have the opportunity to begin a different chapter in your life from scratch. There are lots of expats that find themselves in a country that’s not for them; perhaps because of the weather, the economic opportunities, new friendships, retirement or even because of the food. Or maybe because they’ve always felt attached to a specific tradition.

We can say that starting up again might also be tough for those expats that are less adventurous than others, just because change itself is hard. But most of them embrace this path; some may take more time than others, but at the end they feel happy with their decision of starting from scratch and living abroad.

It’s the perfect opportunity to shake things up in your life.

No Problemo

The days go by quickly and you start becoming a professional problem solver, without even realising it. Getting the proper paperwork, finding a new flat or house for you and your family without talking the local language yet, understanding the new culture and explaining it to your kids, solving lots of issues that you’ve never imagined even existed because you were so used to how things were done in your country.

You will notice how adept you have become when you start helping another expat to move into a city that you now own. The words that are coming from your mouth will make you feel so proud of yourself. Things that were so hard to do at that particular time are now so simple.

Job Opportunities

This is the chance to find better career opportunities, with better positions that might not be available in your country with all the necessities of companies abroad that are looking for the expertise that you have.

Many expats see this as the perfect way to boost their CVs, adding all the advantages that they might gain just by living in a foreign country. There are lots of employers requiring people with your native language and also looking for someone with knowledge of a market that’s so different than their own.


Now your mind has expanded through contact with a different culture and its traditions, you will see things from a wider perspective. Leaving behind all that you were used to and developing a new way of understanding the complex and rewarding thing of living abroad.

Aside from learning to have a wider perspective of peoples’ lifestyles, you will also feel that you have grown not only as a professional but also as a person. You have new friends, you’re definitely more independent than before and you’ve learned to do things you thought you weren’t capable of doing before.

This is why lots of expats say that living abroad is the most rewarding thing they’ve ever done in their life.


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