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21 July 2016 1 Comments Category: blog, Living in Spain

My name is Salvatore Cospito, I was born in Matera, Italy. I’ve been living in Spain for almost 10 years now. Everything started like a game for me; I actually came here because of my Erasmus year and since then I’ve never left. The years passed and I realized that I had a lot in common with the Spanish people.

I believe that in Italy there are two realities: one from the south and another one from the north. When I left the south to begin my studies in Milan, I knew that that wasn’t the best place for me. I wasn’t comfortable, but then when I moved to Madrid I felt as if I’d travelled back in time, because I felt again that special essence that the south of my country has.

This is my favourite city. Madrid is stunning and one of the things that amazes me the most is that, being a capital with more than 5 million people, I can always go out and meet new people every five minutes. Learning the language for me was very easy because Italian and Spanish have a lot of similar words.

 Spaniards have a beautiful and warm way of welcoming an expat, something which helped me to decide to stay in this country. If I could take something back to Italy with me it would be their way of living life, that continuous strength of reinventing themselves to grow professionally. They know how to enjoy life in a very different way than another European countries.

 I’ve developed two Spanish habits: eating a pincho of tortilla with my friends from work, and taking a siesta, but only for half an hour, not for two hours; that can be very dangerous!

This place offers you the possibility of getting to know lots of places and enjoying different traditions. I’m lucky to have many Spanish friends that are always inviting me to their houses so I can discover their culture. I’ve found many treasures hidden in small towns and villages that always seem to amaze me.

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