Five places that we call paradise.

1 August 2016 0 Comments Category: blog, Living in Spain

It’s the perfect time of the year to put your feet beneath the sand whilst waiting for a calm wave to wash you away. It’s August and for most of you that means holidays, and the best way to spend your free days is by the sea.

Summer brings out the finest colours of the ocean and you’ll want to know the best places to see them. Enjoy the perfect vacation in one of these five places that we call paradise.


Just an hour and forty-five minutes from Valencia you will find this jewel of a port town, known as the city within the sea. The sand has the most beautiful, changing colors, turning the landscape golden and making you feel that you’re part of a dream.

This treasure is surrounded everywhere by little beaches throughout the coastline. On  top of the city you will see an impressive castle that guards everything from above, a place where you can find many hidden secrets and enjoy the best views of the sea.


The province of Granada plays host to this unique, magical place just at the edge of the Mediterranean sea, where you can get lost in its small and steep streets. It’s also guarded by a castle where you can discover the roots of its 6,000 years of history.

There is a mirador from where you can see all the beauty of all the beaches of Salobreña; each of them has its own charm. When you decide to go down from the heights of the city you will find a path filled with palm trees to guide your way to the ocean.


The province of Cadiz can be seen as the bridge between Europe and Africa, thanks to the Strait of Gibraltar. A place where you can feel and see many cultures in just one spot, the richness that this city holds is breathtaking alongside the ancient history that surrounds all the streets, foods and traditions.

Some say that when the water touches your feet you can hear a peaceful melody that lets you know that you have arrived in paradise, where you can sit for hours in the sand, look at the sea and completely disconnect from the world. There’s another place where you can get a 360-degree panorama of the city: the terrace of Torre Tavira, a magnificent sight in this beautiful place.


At the feet of the Peaks of Europe in Asturias you will find all nature gathered in just one place: the perfect mix of mountains, rivers, beaches and one of the best cuisines in the country.

To discover the wonders of this spectacular town you just have to follow the course of the River Sella, one of the most popular rivers in Asturias. If you had to describe Ribadesella in one word it would be beauty; the architecture and manor houses thrive alongside the wonderful rural landscapes with scenic cliffs and caves.


One of the most picturesque places in Spain, also in Asturias, filled with colorful houses surrounded by a coat of trees and mountains, known for the diverse gastronomy and for its ancient traditions.

Cudillero is a window privileged by its stunning landscapes, it is recreation and is a place that you can always visit if you want to escape from your routine. The air and the sound of the sea wakes you up every morning so you can start the day watching the ships and the boats that are coming and going, bringing the fresh fish which is essential to the unique cuisine found in the town.


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