Active life in Valencia – Summer Edition

5 August 2016 0 Comments Category: Active Lifestyle, blog, Fleur Van de Put

To lead an active life in Valencia is not very hard. In 2011 Valencia became the European capital of sports. This gave the city an extra boost to evolve new initiatives in different levels of sport. At this moment Valencia has en enormous diversity in activities, many people don’t know of. I love leading an active life and I have found some great possibilities to do so along the way.

Living an active life, feels like having holidays all year long

Active_life_in_Valencia_summer_editionI will share some of my favourite ways to lead an active life in Valencia. I call this the summer edition.

  1. You can take sailing classes in the marina of Valencia. The instructor takes you on a two hour boat-trip on the Mediterranean Sea. You get a ton of information about the sails and the wind. For advanced students there is also a regatta class.
  2. If the temperatures rise swimming is probably the best option for staying in shape. There are many in- and outdoor options in the different regions of Valencia. One of the most beautiful swimming pools is Polidiportivo la Hípica.
  3. Wind-surfing is such a great way to have a full-body exercise. For beginners the classes start in the marina and advanced surfers go to the open sea. Valencia has a perfect Levante breeze from the sea at most of the days.
  4. Active_life_in_Valencia_summer_editionBiking is the perfect way to move yourself from place to place. I love to call the bike the vehicle of the future. It is the solution to traffic jams, pollution and most important of all a great way to do some light exercise. Valencia is flat and the spots of interest are widely spread, biking paradise.
  5. Yoga is hot all over the world and Valencia is definitely keeping up with the trend. Yoga is being teached indoors, outdoors in the park Turia and in summer there is also the option to follow a class at the beach.

If you want to learn more, find more details and activities at FitIn Valencia. Be prepared for part two in winter.

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