Feel like a local in Barcelona

21 August 2016 0 Comments Category: Living in Spain

Spain has many beautiful places to discover and Barcelona seems to be one of the first stops for tourist to come and visit. The mix between the sea and the mountains, the lifestyle and its beautiful culture to discover, make this city a stunning spot to disconnect from the routine and the stress seems to be wash away with the mediterranean sea.

Catalunya capital is so addictive for many that start living there, is a passionate place fill with a multicultural air, where people from all over the world get together to live in a big and relax party.

If you’re planning to live in Barcelona we share with you 5 places you must visit to feel like a local in Barcelona.

Barrio Gótico

Let’s start with one of the most amazing parts of the city, a beautiful spot to start the day and get lost with the stretch and tiny streets, where you will find local designers shops, big and mini restaurants with flavors from the world.

The gothic quarter goes from La Rambla to of the bays that surround the mediterranean sea. A lot of the building that guards this place are from Medieval times and inside these labyrinthine streets you can feel the Roman feeling that once lived in Barça.

It’s amazing how you will find something new every time you visit this place, there’s always something that will stunned you or something new to discover, it holds many treasures that represent their traditions.

Moll de Gregal

Now that you’ve got lost in the Barrio Gotico and you manage to find the sea, there’s a romantic spot that you have to discover. Its magic start to show when you are walking to it, Moll de Gregal is a dock in the Olimpic Port, with one of the most amazing views of the sea.

You can sit for hours and let the time pass where you only listen the breeze and the sound of the waves when they crashed on the rocks of the bay. A place where you can have an amazing dish in of the restaurants that are in the dock and feel that you’re part of the ocean.

Of course this also one of the best places where tourist and locals go out at night, drink chupitos and party like crazy.

Bunkers del Carmel

If you’re one of those that love discovering new places in every city you, this is certainly one of the must stop places of Barcelona. Up in the hills you will find a lookout that used to be a strategic spots in the times of the Spanish civil war, because you can have a 360º view of the city.

As you start reaching the bunker you realize that this is a unique site, people gather to watch the sunset while their having a picnic or a drink.

Poble Sec

If you haven’t visited Poble Sec you haven’t been to Barcelona, is one of the perfect gastronomic routes of the city, where you can have a taste of the best dishes in town while you’re having a drink with your friends, coworkers or even a wonderful date.

Some say that this is one the less touristic places of the city but definitely worth it, this is a multicultural neighborhood, the restaurants and bars are very picturesque with an artistic presence inside of them. You will find unique tapas, vermut and beers in streets full of locals.


Twenty minutes away in Renfe, motorcycle or car you will find this beautiful and not so crowded beach. Fill with gorgeous house and apartments that surround the stunning white sand that will guide you all the way to the sea.

If you want to feel like a local this is one of the beaches you must go, yes you can go to the Barceloneta everyday and its only minutes away, but this spot is different it holds a magic inside the water, you can find peace and good sun tan. The perfect plan to escape from your routine.


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