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22 August 2016 0 Comments Category: Expats Interviews, Living in Spain

I arrived in Spain in November 2009. Why? I wanted to be with my then girlfriend, now my wife, whom I met during my Erasmus year in Wales. During my stay there I often went out with a group of Spanish people, so I came back knowing more Spanish than English.

I love Spain; its geographic diversity, cuisine and traditions. The differences between the North and South are curious and spectacular at the same time.

The Spanish character is fantastic: the people are very open and are always willing to help. It is true that they are famous for enjoying parties and siestas, but I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by many professional people.

My two favourite cities are Madrid and Salamanca. In Madrid you have all kinds of options: from going for tapas with friends for €10 per head, to dinner at a restaurant with 3 Michelin stars. Salamanca is my wife’s home town and the place where my daughter Elena was born. It is also a World Heritage Site, and a place I always recommend visiting.

During these years in Madrid I have developed many Spanish habits, the most important being sharing food at the restaurant: ask for a particular dish, put it in the middle and everyone can eat at once. At first I struggled a lot with this idea. In Italy everyone asks for their own individual meal. This is a gesture that exemplifies the generosity of the Spanish and the desire to share things with friends. I love it!

If I could bring anything back to Italy it would be the concept of tapas: get a and drink and snack in one bar, then on to another, and so on. It’s a different, and excellent way of getting know a city.




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