It Could Be You – Roderick Ragout

15 September 2016 0 Comments Category: blog, Living in Spain

My name is Roderick, I was born in the south side of the Netherlands but I lived most of my life in Eindhoven which is one of the biggest cities in the country. I see myself as an Eindhoven guy.

One of the main reasons that I moved to Madrid was because of my girlfriend; we met in London and she helped me find a job here in Spain, I’ve always liked this country. I studied Spanish in Salamanca for six months and I fell in love with the Spanish lifestyle.

I love the life that this country offers you; it’s very open, its free, the weather of course, but the thing the I like the most is the way the Spanish live. The people here are always sharing a meal or a beer, or tapas, and they go out every opportunity they get. In the Netherlands we usually stay indoors whereas here it’s the opposite. There are so many things to do and that’s why this city is so special to me. People live outside in Madrid, rather than living at home.

As I said I studied in Salamanca for six months when I was younger, although my Spanish course didn’t work out so well because there were so many international students. The city is beautiful; it is more impressive than Madrid in a sense: is smaller but it’s cute, of course living in Madrid is better but my time there was amazing.

The language is still a barrier for me but I can get around with my basic Spanish, and I understand others a little bit more than I can express. It’s a challenge that I enjoy because I live here now.

The main thing I would take from Spain to my home town would be the food culture: with any drink you order, you get some tapas too. I love that the food and drinks come together as one.

Madrid is massive if you compare it to the Netherlands. The buildings are so big and the streets are huge, so coming from a small country to a world-renowned city is a massive change.


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