Dutch Community in Valencia

22 September 2016 0 Comments Category: blog, Fleur Van de Put, Living in Spain

Before I moved to Spain, I was determined to completely integrate and to make only Spanish friends. I never could have thought that I would be so happy joining a Dutch community and having Dutch friends. It all changed at the language school in my first week in Valencia. It was there where I met people with the same story of living away from their land of birth, friends and families. It immediately creates a bond. Some of these people are still friends that I see regularly.

I became even more Dutch, while living in Spain

Dutch community in ValenciaThe Spanish people I meet are all very friendly. Some are even amazing, but they all have their families, childhood friends nearby and are not particularly looking for new friends. In the weekends they are busy going to traditional family paella lunches and in the holidays they take off to their family homes in the mountains. I often remember the time I lived in the Netherlands, where it was the same for me.

Because of the different events that the NZKV (Nederlandse Zakenkring Valencia) organized, I learned about the Dutch community in Valencia. They have about ten meetings a year, some business related and others for the whole family. I became a member of this group for many reasons. First of all are the members all very nice people. It is always nice to see and talk with them every once in awhile to exchange experiences and just for fun. The events are well-organized and great fun, like: Sinterklaas (something like Reyes in Spain), Koningsdag (Kingsday), meeting the Dutch ambassador or a Social Media training. The other great thing about the group is that we help each other. If there is a business related request, it will be forwarded to the right person. I can recommend anyone living in Spain to look for a group like this.

If you’re Dutch and living in Valencia, just contact de Nederlandse Zakenkring Valencia to join a meeting or to become a member. If you live somewhere else, look for one of the other Dutch communities in Spain.Dutch community in Valencia


Dutch community in Valencia

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