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Fuengirola has been my home since 2002.   A thriving Spanish town running 8 kilometres along the edge of the Mediterrean surrounded by mountains that feed four rivers in a rich fertile plain.  Fuengirola brings all the joys of living by a fishing port, in a Spanish town, a tourist destination where the sun shines on average 2,800 hours each year.  Fresh food is plentiful from the sea as well as surrounding farms and villages.  

Fuengirola has changed much since the 1950 and 70s

(video via enrique aguilar gonzalez)

Now the Town is an international community with a Spanish heart.  Spanish families are still the biggest visitor during the summer, having holiday apartments and homes in the town.  In the winter, the town becomes home to “snow birds”; foreigners who fly south to Spain to enjoy the warmer weather.

I’m very much a townie with a love of the sea having grown up in Herne Bay on the Kent Coast.  As well as the sea – Fuengirola is also about food, dragons and ferias!

It’s all about the Taste

The restaurant scene in Fuengirola provides perfect proof of how competition is in the interest of the consumer; two much choice!  Tapas including a drink each can still be found for around 2€.  Menu del Dia is around 9€ and we have our wonderful new Food Market – Mercado La Galería in the centre of town.  The area behind the Correos (Post Office) will give you lots of bars and restaurants for every pocket and palate.

Mercado La Galleria, Fuengirola

And there be Dragons!

You may not be able to get a job as an extra in Game of Thrones, but you can still visit the Komodo dragon at the BioParc

Feria anyone?

With the Recinto Ferial (feria ground) on our doorstep, we enjoy lots of ferias and festivos and I have to admit to being a bit of an addict.

The Feria ground has 32 casetas that during the year are used by local clubs (peña) as their home.  From motorbikes, to football supporters clubs and political parties, these clubs also have different events taking place in their halls during the week.  We quite often hear the local band striking up a few notes and the dramatic sounds of the tango.

The International Feria “La Feria de los Pueblos” takes place end of April, beginning of May and 6-12th October sees Fuengirola’s principal fair the Feria del Rosario. My favourite is 16th July – a celebration of the Patron of the Sea – Virgen del Carmen and our Town’s patron.

End of the line?

Transport connections are excellent, primarily because Fuengirola is the “end of the line” (in train terms only), connecting with Malaga and the Renfe inter-Spain rail network.  Trains run 3 per hour to and from Malaga/Fuengirola and there is also a good bus service with AVANZA.

In 30 minutes you can get to the Airport, 40 takes you into the centre and the bright lights of Malaga City with onward transportation to the rest of Spain including the superfast Eurostar.

Come and visit soon!

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