Top 5 parks of Madrid

16 October 2016 0 Comments Category: blog, Expat News, Living in Spain, TNS Amigos

What better way of letting yourself go and escaping the routine than visiting your local parks? Feeling close to nature, the falling leaves of Autumn and magical sound of the birds. Spain is filled with green ambience, parks, huge gardens, secret rivers, mountains and beautiful lakes.

Today we’re going to talk about the capital city, Madrid. The Retiro, Casa de Campo and many other parks that surround the city give the sensation that almost every zone can enjoy the beauty of nature, far away from school, University or work.

Here are the top 5 parks you need to visit if you’re in Madrid.


Rey Juan Carlos Park


Imagine you’re going to the airport and at one of the stations, Campo de las Naciones, there’s a particular place that only locals know about. Definitely one of the madrileños’ favourite places to hang out and relax on a Sunday morning. One of the biggest parks in the city, with many entrances like the Retiro and plenty of artistic presence from all over the world.

The park also has a special zone that distinguishes it from others. There are a group of gardens that represent the 3 monotheistic religions: Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Each one of them has a unique personality, with their representative flowers and distinctive architectural features. You’ll feel like entering a sacred place where peace reigns. It’s a perfect spot where the three religions converge.


Madrid Río


One of the top picks for the Madrileños that want to hang out with their families. Madrid Río is not an actual park but it feels exactly the same. Imagine yourself walking along side from the Manzanares river where locals enjoy their weekend walking, running, using bikes or renting little cars so they can go from one side to the other.

It has 17 different areas for the little ones, where they’re going to have the time of their lives with plenty of swings, hanging bridges and “spider” webs where the kids can climb.

But Madrid Río also has many attractive places like the Matadero where you can enjoy several cultural and artistic exhibitions. You can also find the second most important football stadium of the city, the Vicente Calderón house of Atlético de Madrid – one of the biggest clubs in the country and Europe.


Casa de Campo


The biggest public park in the city with more than 17,000 acres of nature that retains important history of the Spanish realm. King Felipe II built an estate unifying the palace with the hunting house of “El Pardo”. Fernando IV named this place “Bosque Real”.

This place is so big it houses the city’s main attraction park, the “Parque de Atracciones de Madrid”. You can see the roller coaster that is inside the attraction park from different parts of Madrid. The capital’s zoo is there too, and you can also enjoy a cable car goes from the “Casa de Campo” to theParque del Oeste” that’s right next to Arguelles and the gardens of the “Templo de Debod”.

It also has a wonderful lake surrounded by restaurants with the most exquisite Spanish gastronomy.


Templo de Debod


The smallest one on the list, but it still has 8 acres of beautiful gardens with a temple donated by the Egyptian government. This funerary temple with more than 2,000 years of history is one of the favourite places for tourists and locals that want to get away from the routine.

You can also enjoy one of the most stunning views of Casa de Campo, Parque del Oeste and also see a different perspective of the Palacio Real.


Campo del Moro


Every palace has its own secret garden. There’s a little entrance on the south side of the Palace, just near Principe Pío metro station. It’s a door so hidden that when you first see it, you might think that someone left the gates open by mistake.

As soon as you start walking you have three options: left, centre and right. The best way to start is from the right side, where you’ll find a lost road with old cannons and a swan lake. After seeing these enchanted places, you will begin to walk up towards the palace, and there you’ll find two or three empty houses until the route closes.

You will then find yourself just beneath the south side of the Royal Palace and you’ll be able to see the whole garden from the top. Keep going on that path to start descending from the left side, where you’ll find secret statues and fountains that are surrounded by flowers. That’ll be the end of your journey.

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