Setas hunt

28 October 2016 0 Comments Category: blog, Living in Spain

Today we’re going to talk about mushrooms, and no, not those mushrooms, but the one’s that the Spanish citizens love to integrate into their dishes.

Autumn is the season of change, vacations are over, we forget a little bit about the sun and the warm weather from the summer, we switch flip flops for boots and sunglasses for umbrellas. It’s that beautiful time of the year were the leaves fall and it’s the perfect moment to pick some setas.

There are many people who are excited to get outside and search for setas, it’s hard  to have to wait until Autumn to start the culinary treasure hunt. Others see this season as the right time to start mixing different types of recipes with these wonderful delicacies.

Here’s 5 tips so you can go on your own adventure:

Know them

There are different types of mushrooms in Spain, so it’s important to differentiate one from the other because eating the wrong one could lead you to poisoning or even fatality.

Your first trip to collect setas should be with an expert who knows the land what you want to find. If you see a mushroom you’re not sure about, it’s better to leave it there.


As we said, this is an adventure, a very traditional adventure so know that there are teams and mushroom hunters already out there, just waiting for the season to start collecting. You might find a little competition on the field.

You have to keep in mind that finding the setas is not as easy as you might think, is actually pretty difficult to find those that are edible. There’s different types of mushrooms but the ones that you are looking for are hard to find because of the contamination and the destruction of their habitat.

How to collect them?

It’s wise to go with a proper clothing, it’s not hiking but it’s an outdoorsy activity where you will need to have the right boots and layers to keep warm.

When you start collecting the mushrooms you have to bring out the core and leave the roots so they will have a chance to grow again. Clean the mushrooms well and put them in a wicker basket.  

Where to look?

  • The Montseny Park: from tiny to big, this park is filled with different types of setas, this parks in Barcelona is a mushroom hunter’s paradise. The first rains of autumn provide one of the finest setas of the country.
  • Gorbeia Park: one of the most well known places to find them, it’s a great place to start your search. It’s a stunning natural spot with mountains that surround this gorgeous seta hotspot.
  • Ultzama Valley: near Pamplona there’s a huge oasis of natural beauty filled with one of the biggest concentrations of mushrooms in Spain.

Time to cook them

All your hard effort it’s going to depend on how you prepare them. The tastiest part is the top of the mushroom, slice them and put the in the pan or in the oven or you can also put them at the grill with a soft touch of olive oil.

But if you want to get crafty in the kitchen you might want to find a recipe for your favorite dish, here’s our top dishes with setas:

  • ‘Níscalos al Ajillo’
  • ‘Mushroom lasagna’
  • ‘Mushroom and spinach quiche’

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