It Could Be You – Stefanie Franck

23 November 2016 0 Comments Category: Expats Interviews, Living in Spain

My name is Stefanie Franck and I’ve been living in Spain since almost 28 years now. The first time I came to this country was in 1986, after finishing school my parents wanted that I learned a third language before starting the university. I came to Madrid for six months to learn Spanish, at that time I wasn’t thrilled of the idea but in that brief time I fell in love with Spain.

When I finished the university an opportunity came up to work in Spain and I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

What I like the most about living in Madrid is that there’s a lot of life in the streets, people go out to take a walk or go to bars and almost nobody stays at home. I’m from Hamburg where it rains a lot, it’s cold and there’s few good days of full sun.

Madrid is my favourite city, it’s so alive and dynamic, there’s fun and entertainment for every taste. It’s almost impossible to get board in a city like this. People it’s very open, joyful and generous with expats. When I moved here I didn’t know anybody but I made friends in no time, everyone opened their doors of theirs homes with me. I absolutely love the sky in Madrid, it has an stunning blue so intense and unique.

At the beginning it was hard to learn the castellano and pronouncing it correctly, but at the end you adopt to the new habits and make them your own. Like the siesta for example and eating late.

One of the things that impressed me the most was that the people make you feel so close to them that generates trust.

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