Collaboration is the Key

1 December 2016 1 Comments Category: Ali Meehan, blog, Living in Spain, TNS Amigos

Starting a new community within a place where there are already lots of networking groups might be a challenge!  However, getting together the other networks and possible members and asking “would this be of interest?” seemed a good idea.  Hence, the Costa Women evening with some of the other Women’s networks in Madrid.

Remembering the days of the saleswoman (or salesman) when I first started work, I recall the black book within which were the contacts and leads for future business.  The book was kept close at hand and never shown to anyone!   “Knowledge is Power”, I was told!  Today, things have changed.  Knowledge is to be shared!  Competition has been replaced by collaboration – even amongst businesses of the same genre.  Even if you sell the same product or service, your unique way of doing business will be different.  It’s social media – not selfish media.

At the International  Women’s Networking  Showcase, we met with founders, hosts or organisers of networking groups PINC, Girl Gone International (Madrid), International Women in Business and dining clubs, American Women’s Club and The International Ladies Dining Club.  We were also joined by communities for Mums – Sticky Fingers Playgroup, British Scouts, Madrid and Mamas Autonomas y Freelancers.  And support groups Spain Guru, British Benevolent Fund and Healthcare in Spain (part of the British Consulate).

The purpose of the evening was to meet and see how we could collaborate with each other.  We met at WhiteLab; a creative, co-working space and where better to host this type of event.

In my opinion its important to make friends, connect and work with the other networks in Madrid, rather than (net)working in a silo.  We are all Women together, living in a country, or city not our own and all face the same challenges whether Mums, Business Women or (in most likelihood) both!  Costa Women strive to unite 59 different nationalities who have joined us in Spain as we collaborate to embrace the Spanish culture.

And the outcome?  To open up our community Facebook page for Costa Women Madrid to all the local groups so that they can share their events within our group.  And to start working on a new group for Costa Women which will focus more on social and charity events and of course, we will open our doors to all Women in Madrid to join us too.


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