5 Magical Spots in Spain – Part II

3 January 2017 0 Comments Category: blog, Living in Spain

There are many places in Spain you must visit. Forget about the typical cities, if you clicked this post it’s because you want to feel adventurous, because you’re looking for somewhere far from those same places everybody tells you to go.

This country can reel you in to its gorgeous and cosy nets so you feel as if you’re part of its culture and tradition.

Here’s our second part of the “5 Magical Spots in Spain” you need to visit.

Albarracín, Aragón


This is one of Spain’s most gorgeous cities, with its gigantic wall filled with historic buildings. Situated between canyons and valleys, Albarracín was one of the most inaccessible towns of Aragon for many centuries.

This medieval spot is located in the province of Teruel, a wrapped gift from nature to Aragón which is also a National Monument.

The Guadalaviar river flows through the feet of Albarracín, and you can enjoy its stone streets and the charming church, the Santa María de Albarracín.

Hondarríbia, País Vasco


This spot is located on the coastline of the Basque Country, touching the border of Spain and France you can find this architectural jewel. Some say it’s one of the favourite places for photographers due to the spectacular beauty of the surroundings.

In the Bay of Txgundi, you will find another town where time simply appears to have stopped merely in order to preserve this beautiful villa. The Castillo de Carlos V is the heart of this town and surrounding it you can find the best pintxos in the city.

Deià, Islas Baleares


Well here we have have reached paradise, or at least that is what we felt when we visited this marvellous place for the first time. The perfect combination and harmony between nature, the restaurants, beach and bars.

Some say that this place will steal your heart in a blink of an eye. Near the blue Mediterranean waters, filled with gardens of olives and pines, the name Deià means “pueblo” or town.

San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria


This sea villa has found a way to achieve the perfect balance between living face-to-face with the ocean and thriving through all medieval history that infuses the streets and the walls of this unique town.

This place is caged in a stone wall that make the old part of town feel like a place of comfort and relaxation. You can also go for a stroll on the La Maza Bridge where you feel as if you’re walking through the water.

Isla de la Toja, Galicia


You will find this charming island in the Rías Bajas in Pontevedra. It’s a tiny piece of land filled with richness of nature where you can lose yourself in its amazing cuisine and culture.

A place where dreams come true, a place of love and memories. You can access it via a bridge that unites the island with O Grove and also by boat.



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