Top 4 ski stations in Spain

3 February 2017 0 Comments Category: Active Lifestyle

We can say that winter is taking a bit longer than we expected, maybe this happens every year because we are waiting for the beautiful sunny days of summer. Ok the hot days, sometimes, are too hot. But we believe that in Spain we are wishing and dreaming to be at the cristal clear waters of our amazing beaches, dig our feet into the sand or just be outside with shorts, flip flops and a lighter shirt.

Back to the subject, winter is definitely taking a lot of time to be over. But we can turn our perspective around. We read somewhere that “the bodies of the summer are builded in winter”, so what better way to have a joyful and powerful day than going to the stunning mountains of our cities and practice our skiing skills.

That’s why we wanted to share with you our top 4 ski stations you can visit this winter:


60 kilometers to the northwest side of Madrid, you will find the station of Navacerrada. Placed in Guadarrama you can find 9 ski stations that are available to the public, with different levels of difficulty. It’s one of the perfect spots to get of town and have a unique day with your family and friends.

It’s open from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 until 17:30.


Near the beautiful town of Huesca, in the Pyrenees Aragonés in the Valle de Tena you will find one of the most important and visited spots of all Spain. The station is divided in 4, the Tres Hombres (crests), Sarrios, Anayet and Portalet. You can access to each one by car or public buses.

There’s three special stations: Snowpark, Video Slalom and Tubers.

The tickets to go up to the mountains and start skiing are between 30 and 40 euros per person.


We head to the Catalán Pyrenees, where we will find this gorgeous station situated in shia of Cerdeña, where we assure you’re going to enjoy from one the best views you’ll ever see in your life.

This station is so close to the Ski the La Molina station that can actually enjoy both. There’s also a ski and snowboarding school and you can enjoy from the several restaurants and cafe that surround this station.


We go back to the charming Aragón, situated in Jaca the neighbor of Huesca. The name comes from the word Ibón that means little glacial lakes that are in the mountains.

This station is near France and it has more than 40 km of slopes. Its highest mountain is called La Raca and it has more than 2.300 meters of altitude. And you can also enjoy this beautiful station in summer for those snow lovers.


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