Social Media in An Expat World

15 March 2017 0 Comments Category: Ali Meehan, Living in Spain

One great way to make connections when moving to a new country is social media.  It’s brilliant to use, not only to find new friends in the country you are moving to, but also to ask questions about life in your new home, whether your business “works” there and how you can start to do business.

As you read this blog, I would like to encourage you to look at your Social Media afresh.  25% of the Women members who have registered at are because they found us through social media.  Gone are the days when we thought social media was just a waste of time.  However, there is still a lot of noise.  Rather than be part of the noise, for me, it’s not whether you do Social Media, its HOW you do Social Media that matters.   Now it’s a place for connection, collaboration and business!

Who is your target market?

Do you know who your Customer is?  I mean really know?  For me this is the most important parts of business.  If you don’t know who they are, their wants and needs and why they would buy your service, then how can you interact with your Clients?

And now something radical… if your customers / clients aren’t on a specific social media platform, you don’t need to be there either!   Major on one platform at a time.  Get comfortable with that platform and then use it to create connections.

Listen then talk

Social Media is the same as face to face networking.  Rather than bombarding people with your content and posts, its always best to first listen and then share.

How many of us have got turned off and stopped following the people behind the social media accounts just post and then “leave” the group or platform.  When was the last time you read the posts from others in the groups you belonged to and commented, liked or shared others content?  Remember its social media, not selfish media.

Tool Tip!

For my day-to-day usage of Twitter I use Hootsuite that allows you to have a linear look at Twitter and for me makes it easier to follow.  You can have columns showing search terms (read hashtags) and lists.

I love lists – they are where you can categorise the people you follow by region, sector, or expertise.  Twitter lists allow you to look at a stream with just those Twitter accounts and reduce the platform “noise”.  You can have your own personal lists that can also be private and you can subscribe to lists others have created too.  Lists are a good way of checking what others are in your sector are commenting on and a real time saver.

What’s a Hashtag?

When you read hashtag think ‘search term’.  If you click on a hashtag you will see where else it has been used.  Unless you are on Instagram, I would say use no more than three in a post or tweet.  When using a hashtag check what they are are used for.  I once had a friend who thought she had come up with a hashtag and used it in her tweets, only to discover that it was being used by a gangland group in America… not something she wanted to be associated with!

Using Social Media to Network

I love to help people.  Become a mico-influencer within your niche area.  I know a lot of my twitter followers.  I share articles, posts etc. with people who I think would be interested in them. It will reap rewards time and again – one person, one conversation at a time.

Looking for Content?

RightRelevance is a platform that finds content through Twitter related to a keyphrase or word.  It sends you a daily email with content as well as giving you a list of thought leaders associated with that phrase or word

Finally say thank you!

Personally thank people who comment, like and share your content.  If you use your Facebook as your business page, you can comment on their pages too.  

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