We are going to take over Spain!

23 March 2017 0 Comments Category: Living in Spain, Robert Nieuwland

From the moment Madrid Outdoor Sports was founded, we started organising adventurous and fun activities in and around Madrid. We are convinced that we are able to upgrade any stay in one of the most interesting cities of Spain. It would be a shame if people would miss out the magnificent nature which is so close. This does not only apply on tourists but also the residents Madrid.

Nevertheless.. there is so much more! Why keep our focus purely on Madrid? Across the city’s boarders there is still the rest of Spain to explore. How amazing would it be to provide everyone who is interested with outdoor activities in the whole country? We are going to take over Spain!


Together with three other companies we are starting a cooperation from the first of April. Every company has its own specialities and complement each other.  Combining our strengths will benefit us all, and will lead to a growth for all of us. Firstly we will focus on Madrid and later enrol our cooperation further in to Spain.

Who knows what will follow..  our ambitions have no borders! Possibly the neighboring countries and then the rest of Europe. Creating a forum where all outdoor enthusiasts can organize any energetic activity in the beautiful nature that Europe has to offer. Because even though many people would love to go and visit other continents, they shouldn’t forget the beauty which can be found nearby.


Photo by: Ferrán Fusalba.

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