Ideal Plans for Spring

19 April 2017 0 Comments Category: blog, Living in Spain

In Spain, the terraza season has just started. The sun is out, tourists are starting to fill the streets, short pants, flip-flops, sunglasses … Who would’ve thought that people will be on the beach in the middle of April?

Some say that spring is the time of the year when Spaniards begin to plan their summer vacations, but it’s also an ideal time to avail yourself of the weekend and the good weather to make short trips.

Here are several plans you can enjoy only in spring:


Sant Jordi


This weekend, you can visit one of the most original celebrations in Barcelona, during which the streets are filled with roses, books and love. Catalonia becomes an especially romantic and festive place thanks to International Book Day.

Sant Jordi (Saint George) has been the patron saint of Catalonia since 1094. Sant Jordi is also the patron of lovers. People go out on the streets to follow a curious popular tradition. On April 23, the tradition is that couples exchange gifts; men used to receive books and women roses, but it depends at present. Both can receive books or roses, depending on their feelings.

This tradition is not only for lovers: it’s also a time for family and friends when they all gather and celebrate.


Festive Córdoba


In May, the charming city of Córdoba waits patiently for your visit so you can enjoy the best and best-known fiestas of the city. You will be able to delight in experiencing its courtyards surrounded with flowers and the unique scent of jasmine and orange blossom.

You can also enjoy a parade of floats decorated with flowers in the middle of the streets of Córdoba while you taste the best local wine. At the end of the fiestas, you can visit Córdoba Fair alongside gypsies, horsemen and horsewomen and flamenco artists.


White Towns


Cádiz is a beautiful place to be at any time of the year, but spring can be the best season to visit because there are not too many tourists and the temperatures are not that high.

If you plan your weekend well, you can enjoy its nature and get to know the beauty of the mountains, with 19 small white villages, including the charming towns of Grazalema, Arcos de la Frontera and Zahara de la Sierra, among others.


The Legendary North


Among Spain’s oldest natural parks, you will find the Lakes of Covadonga. You will need to follow a romantic and charming path to get there, and step by step you will find out a bit more about the beauty that’s waiting for you.

This spot includes Lake Enol and Lake Ercina, which are separated by the knoll known as La Picota and constitute one of the most mythical enclaves in Asturias. The stunning mountains that surround the lakes will take your breath away, and you will witness one of the most majestic places in Spain, where the mountains are reflected on the water of the lakes.


Where are you planning to travel this spring? Share with us your favorite spots in Spain for this time of the year—and by the way, are you planning your summer holidays?

Have a nice trip!

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