6 Best Surf Spots in Spain

16 June 2017 0 Comments Category: Active Lifestyle, blog

National Geographic´s definition of a great surf spot is the “magical sum of consistent waves, inviting accommodations, friendly locals, fun nightlife, delicious food and plenty of activities should the oceans go flat.” Here, at Typical Non Spanish, we love and support this idea and to prove it, we´ve done our research and bring you the 6 best surf spots in Spain that has all these ingredients.

One of the best things about Spain is the amount of sun and light we can enjoy practically all year round. Even in colder regions of the country, surfers can do their thing at least 7 months out of the year. With more than 4 thousand kilometers of Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, it´s not surprising that Spain ends up on the list of best places in the world where to surf.

Keep reading to discover Spain´s best and remember, each surf spot offers incredible food, culture, nightlife, a variety of great accommodations and tons of “out of water” activities.

Mundaka, Basque Country

The closest city to Mundaka is Bilbao, about 40 kilometers away from the Guggenheim Museum and has always been considered the mecca for surfers, who began coming to this part of the world back in the 60´s. Today, Mundaka has found its place on the “Billabong Pro” map. Known for its famous waves, considered the best in Europe, skilled surfers get a thrill out of gliding through gigantic tubes of water. Watch the video here.

Zarautz, Basque Country

A short drive away from Mundaka, and along one of the most amazing roads in the country, is Zarautz, also in the Basque Country with its 3-kilometer long beach that runs parallel to the boardwalk.

Perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers, Zarautz is the home of the World Championship event each September and practically all of its residents are dedicated to the world of surf. For more information, you can read all about it the annual championships here and in English.


Playa de Rodiles (Asturias)

The beach of Rodiles has golden sand and a rather wild touch as surfers need to walk through a forest of pine trees and dunes just to get there. Rodiles has waves similar to those in Mundaka: fast, strong and tubular. For experienced surfers only, as waves begin to break at the Villaviciosa inlet and continue for at least 100 meters.

Pantín (Galicia)

Located along the Atlantic coast, Pantin has a fine white sandy beach where surfers enjoy constant and steady waves. Experts say October and November are the best months but that doesn’t stop beginners and intermediate surfers from coming out here all year long. Plus, one of the most important surfing championships in Spain is held here. Read all about it, in English.

El Quemao (Lanzarote, Canary Islands)

Towards the north of the island of Lanzarote, some of the most fearless waves in the Atlantic can be found. Some expert surfers consider it to be “the European pipeline”, which reaches a height of 1 meter and a half during the fall and winter seasons.

El Palmar (Cádiz)

El Palmar has 4 kilometers of coastline, ideal for surfing lovers at any level. They say the best time to practice this sport is between November and March, but you´ll find good enough waves in Cadiz all year round.

What other surf spots do you know of and would be likely to recommend?

Photo Credits: Carsten Frenzl,Erin

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