Meeting new people: 5 pieces of advice that ACTUALLY WORK

26 July 2017 0 Comments Category: Living in Spain

Meeting new people in spain

Relocating is a process that is sometimes a little complicated since visualizing yourself in a new country without your family and friends – even for the most extrovert amongst us – can be hard. For one reason or another there will be times when you need to broaden your horizons and go out of your way to meet new people.

The majority prefer to do so in a more relaxed everyday setting where making contact with others can happen in a more natural way. However, this isn’t always possible and as we get older, getting to know new people is harder. You should get out of your comfort zone – after all, making friends while at home on your sofa just isn’t going to work.

What plans should I make? Where should I go?

Ideally you should go to places where you see the same people on an ongoing basis, such as a gym or a language school. When it comes to organized events, try to arrive a little ahead of time in order to talk to people as and when they get there. Attempting to introduce yourself when everyone’s already there will make it harder to break the ice.

Typical Non Spanish recommends that you:

1. Sign up to Spanish classes, dance or cookery lessons

Meeting new people while learning at the same time is the perfect formula. It might sound like a little exaggerated but learning a language or another activity is so much more fun when you’re interacting with other people.

The only potential downside to attendance-based courses is that usually those who attend are more focussed on the agenda and the teacher and less inclined toward socializing. If this is the case, make sure you arrive before the class begins in order to be able to chat with people who arrive at the same time as you. And in the event a plan for after class is hatched, be sure to go along!

2. Get to know your neighbours

It may not be everyone’s favourite thing, but as a newcomer to your area it’s a good idea to go round and introduce yourself, make sure they’re aware of your situation as an expat. This will make a good impression on your neighbours and is likely to result in them inviting you over for a drink.

3. Organize a dinner

You could organize a dinner at your new place and tell those you invite to bring friends along. This is a great way to widen your social circle.

4. Share your hobbies

Have a hobby? You can be sure someone else out there enjoys doing the exact same thing. We recommend researching your interests online and signing up for the next meetings or sessions. The benefit to these types of initiatives is that you’ll have at least one thing in common from the get-go with the others attending. This will make for a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

5. Meet people online

Nowadays it’s very easy to establish initial contact with people online in order to then weigh up the prospects of meeting them in person. As someone new to expat life in Spain, we recommend you joining expatriate communities whose members are in a similar situation to you. One such community is the Facebook de Typical Non Spanish Facebook group, which brings together people of all different nationalities who are living in Spain. Through this social network users can exchange advice, get help with Spanish bureaucratic issues as well as tips on some of the most fun and exciting things to do all over Spain.

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