Enjoying the little things in my Catalan life

2 October 2017 0 Comments Category: Barbara de Swaan, blog, Expat News, Living in Spain


There’s so much going on in and around Barcelona or better said: Catalunya, that I find it hard to know where to start. The horrifying terrorist attack on the Ramblas in Barcelona at the end of August followed by another attack in Cambrils within a day time. And now we are living in tension, insecurity and times of debates because many Catalans want a referendum to vote for independence from the rest of Spain. Trump who is challenging North Corea and Venezuela. And closer to home: the daily hussle to get both children on time at school, my own work as an entrepreneur that sometimes feels like a 24 hour responsibility and keeping the house clean, which isn’t easy with two dogs and 4 people. So there is a lot to be worried about or stressed, but I believe that the secret of life is to not worry too much and learn to enjoy the little things! Yes, I know: that’s easier said than done!

So how do I do that? While one ear keeps listening to all of the noise in the backround (politics, terrorism, work), my other ear listens to the amazing sound of the waves at the Catalan beach, while I enjoy my early morning walk with the dogs and see how the sun rises. While I sit in the sand watching the waves for a moment, I’m suprised by a quick dog-kiss (big wet lick) from my puppy. A smile crosses my face while I whipe of the drewl.

My eye catches the most beautiful purple shell I’ve ever seen on a beach and on my way back home from this beach, I smell the strong smell the pine trees give of, now that autumn has given it’s first rainfalls. Yes, even though I love the sun and the heat, I can just aswell enjoy the sound of the rain ticking against my window. At these moments, I try to stop time for a moment and just take in the sensations, smells, sounds and emotions.

Living in Spain and in Cataluña is like staring at the most beautiful real life wallpapers there are! I feel my Dutch, Spanish, Catalan heart beating from emotion and hapiness. I love this adventure and wander what will come next.

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