Moving to Spain: Tips

19 October 2017 0 Comments Category: blog, Fleur Van de Put

Moving to Spain, Tips

In September I celebrated my 9 years (Sp) anniversary. It has already been 9 years, but it still feels like yesterday that I moved to Spain. I never knew what to expect and what I had to arrange for this immigration to another country. I had to learn Spanish find a home, make some friends and find a job. When I look back, I would do some things different and other things the same. One of the best things I did was to learn from tips from others. It is not necessary to invent everything by yourself.

Moving to Spain, TipsDon’t think everything over and over; just do it

The best thing I did was getting in contact with a local who made the same step, but some years earlier. He helped me to arrange the first things that where essential to live my life abroad. I contracted him to help me get my NIE (an personalized number you need for practically everything), the empadronamiento (registration for inhabitants), a health insurance and even to find an apartment.

Moving to Spain, TipsThe other very important thing is to learn the language. Before moving to Spain I finished a beginners course, but learned that this was just the beginning. When you’re living in Spain, you should get started by speaking to the local people. You can and should follow more advanced courses, but the most valuable lessons you learn when you speak to the people even if you make big mistakes. Other easy and worth full lessons you learn when listening to Spanish music and watching Spanish television.

Moving is one thing, but feeling at home is the key

After all the paper work is done, it is important to make the new house feel like home. This can be done by making friends and getting to know the neighborhood. In a fitness centre or in a local bar or at your kid’s school or in a social club it is easy to meet new people. If you are looking for work, let everybody know about that and they will help you find one. That is how it works in most companies in Spain. Don’t forget to enjoy your new country and it’s differences.

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