Meet our expats: Andrea Robson

25 October 2017 0 Comments Category: blog, Expats Interviews, Living in Spain

Meet our expats

Meet Andrea Robson, the Costa´s very own Kids Coach, who supports children from 8 years and up with issues like friendships, bullying, self-esteem, learning how to study at home and those all important life skills like taking responsibility for their behaviour and being aware of their impact on others. Andrea is a qualified teacher, a former Head of School and a Certified Coach, working with children, families and schools both here and internationally.  So if you worry about your child and are not quite sure who to turn to – please get in touch as she would love to hear from you.

The first image of Spain you had?

When my nephew was born, I regularly visited the family in Spain – I used to love the bus ride up along the coast because the views are stunning. I was always struck by the beauty of the Coast, and that, because I was living in the Netherlands at the time, it was incredibly warm in November. And I walked around in a sundress and flip-flops! Now, like everyone else, I too am wrapped up warm at that time of year but still love that tourists enjoying the Spanish winters which are better than their summer. When my niece was born – that was it! 2 perfect reasons to be here!

Favourite city in Spain?

My first Christmas here, friends and I visited Granada. Having all previously lived in the Middle East, we loved the Albayzin as it transported us right back there, with the beautiful lights, the shisha and tea, herbs, spices and pashminas. The Alhambra, of course, was breath-taking. We also loved having tapas and a drink in one of the bars there early afternoon. At first, we couldn’t quite work out why the napkins were just casually thrown on the floor and then people would walk out! We soon realised this the way it was done and joined in! It was a great cultural moment, and I love that about living abroad. It may not be the way you do it, but it is the culture – enjoy it and embrace it. I´d love to travel more around Spain as it is so beautiful here.

Favourite food?

Tapas! I love how different it is everywhere you go! I love the whole Spanish ambience of really enjoying food and good conversation.

What word do you have trouble pronouncing or for a time you used to find especially difficult?

Mmm, I´m going to have to say that I´ve been working so hard seeing up “The Kids Coach -Inspired Learning” that I have neglected the language learning. This will change as I feel, as a guest here, I need to learn the language – and of course I´d love to stay long term.

The best thing about Spain?

The work / life balance, the laid back yet passionate approach, and the outdoor living. It´s great that almost all year round, we can be outside – that is very special to me. The sunshine of course! 

And the worst thing?

Haha – no worst thing about Spain! I´ve lived abroad for so long now that I am used to the fact that every country has its own way of doing things. Once you know “the rules” then I think it´s our place to adapt to the Spanish way and accept things as being part to of living here. You can´t battle against things because it´s not the same as back home – there are reasons why we are here and acceptance and embracing it is a big part of loving living here.

What didn’t you know about the Spanish?

Honestly, driving here was an eye-opener! Roundabouts were the thing that completely threw me over here – still do! I wasn´t really prepared for the style of driving over here!

Name a typical Spanish expression

“Hasta el rabo, todo es toro” – sometimes I get ahead of myself when organising and planning new ideas for “Inspired Learning” so not getting ahead of yourself is a good one for me! Sometimes going a little slower is better!

Any myths or stereotypes you’ve found to be untrue?

I´m really wary of stereotypes, having lived abroad for so long, and they are not always complimentary! I think there is a lot we can learn from a more relaxed and laid back attitude and the Spanish way of accepting that something can´t be done that day – the shrug of the shoulders – yes – not today, and carry on!

Would you return to your home country?

I´m from the UK and you can never say never, but I love the lifestyle, the sunshine, the culture, the approach to life over here. I´m really not ready to trade that in any time soon! 

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