5 interesting facts you should know before moving to Spain (II)

29 May 2018 0 Comments Category: Living in Spain

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To conclude the first part of the article, “5 interesting facts you should know before moving to Spain”, below is some additional information about Spaniards and their lifestyle.

The famous siesta

Spain is very well-known for its “siestas” or naps, although it’s a tradition that is gradually being lost. This mid-day break was originally a way of avoiding the strongest hours of sunlight. In smaller cities or towns you may still find stores closed from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Some bars and restaurants also close down during that time, but not that frequently. In large cities, establishments are usually open all day.

So we recommend that you plan to have your meals at the local times. If you expect to have dinner at 5:00 pm, most restaurants will not serve you because the kitchens will still be closed at that time (especially in small cities and towns). Spaniards eat dinner late. You will rarely see anyone having dinner before 10:00 pm and most good restaurants set their opening hours with this in mind.

Tapas, that brilliant Spanish invention

There are many who say that one of Spain’s best inventions are its tapas. Around 30% of those who visit the country say that they go there for the food. In most regions of Spain the food is excellent. If you have tapas instead of a sit-down lunch or dinner you can sample a wide variety of foods in just one meal.

Tipping is not mandatory.

Tipping in Spain is not obligatory. It is not at all rare not to leave a tip when you go to a restaurant or take a taxi. Generally speaking, a couple of coins are plenty for a taxi ride (not more than 1 euro). For meals under 30 euros, a tip of about 1 euro is sufficient. Do not feel obligated to leave a tip for a cup of coffee in a café or similar small purchases.

The weather

While many believe that Spain is a Mediterranean country, thanks to its geographical location it actually has a variety of climates other than the Mediterranean, which is found primarily in the Balearic Islands and along the south-eastern coastline. The central part of the country has a continental climate with cold winters and hot summers, while the Pyrenees, the Baetic Cordillera and the Sierra Nevada in Granada are all characterised by an Alpine climate.


Bars are part of Spanish life. In fact, Spain holds the record as the country with the highest number of bars in the world. They are not just places to have a drink but gathering places for socialising. For example, many people gather at bars to watch football.

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